The Reason Why We Write…

You know there is something about words. It could make the difference between a good day and a bad day. Have you noticed? You wake up one morning and someone comes up to you and begins to scold and accuse you, and that just like throws a blanket over your day; it kills the sun in your day; but when you wake up one morning and someone comes up to you and tells you what a great person you are and how you have been a life saver, you suddenly grow a few feet taller, your shoulders square up and your chest shoots out. You feel good about you. There is something about words that goes beyond our eardrums and gets past our heart right down to the core of us—our spirit. And it makes us or breaks us. So you wonder about this great potency of words. But Jesus threw some light on that when he said his words were spirit; and the truth is words are spirit (Jo. 6:63); they have spiritual potency and that’s why they can affect our spirit; for better or for worse. Because there aren’t all nice and friendly spirits. So each time we speak, and we release words, we send out a spirit, and the effect of our words is a function of the type of spirit we have released. The spirit that builds up or the spirit that tears down. Its one or the other; there is no middle ground.

Back in my high school days I did debates, and on one occasion I met a girl that impressed me. There was something about her that got to me. Her carriage, her speech, the content and presentation. I figured she had a good head on her; that she was smart. So I made friends with her, and found out she was very smart. My point is this: I figured her intelligence quotient from the words she spoke. So there is something about our words that present us as smart or dumb. Our words depict the level of our wisdom.

There is something about God that just blows the mind. Do you feel me? I mean, he’s not just the bom; he’s bigger than the bom. And Paul says it this way: there is something about God’s wisdom that is so deep and so rich it just astounds the human mind (Rms. 11:33). And I figure there is consequently something about his words that is so rich and so deep. Right? Its like a treasure box worth digging for. There is something about what God says that enriches and enlightens us. Better yet, it releases the Spirit of faith, which sustains us, keeps us alive. You know, food feeds you; it grows you. Your physique is partly a result of what you have eaten; and Jesus said just as food keeps you alive by growing you, the words of God keep you alive also by growing you (Lk 4:4). Hear me: Gods words feed you; they grow you! Believe me when I say this: one word from God could change your life forever. Oh please believe this. If you don’t, take a look around you. All you can see was not, never existed, until God said. Then there was! (Gen 1:3). When God says, there is! Lets take time out and listen to what God has to say, to you, for today!


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