The Inside Man

Recently I have been wondering if God had forgot the plans he shared with me concerning my life. You see, when I fell in love with computers my big dream was to beat bill gates; to reinvent the concept of computing and set the standards. I haven’t given up on that dream yet. But I always thought the way I would get there was to think smarter, work harder and pray more. That was until I began my romance with God’s Spirit and I realized that he had a completely different modus operandi. See, his vision for my life was still in line with reinventing and setting the standards in the computer industry. But he wanted to take me out of the little leagues; his plan was for me to play in the big leagues – in Ministry.

Now I know better. Even though, working in ministry means starting off small, I have come to develop a mindset that the spiritual indeed births the physical. So whatever progress is made in the physical world is progress that has been made in the spiritual world. Yeah, so sue me, if it sounds like a consolation line. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s more.

Anyways, so that’s how come I graduated university and began full time professional programming for my ministry. Of course there had to be an incentive for me to pass up on all the attractive offers of working for a professional software company, and God gave me all of the details of how he was going to do me good, you know, kind of like the line he dropped for old Abe in Genesis 12.

So here I am beginning my second year, and things are just the opposite of what God promised me, and some days am like just going through the motion and dealing with the billion dollar question “To Stay or Run?” And yes I do remember the story of Jonah and how impossible it is to get away from God, but hey, sometimes running away seems like the easiest option especially when the pressure hits.

Even as my head is busy trying to analyze things, my spirit is calmly and confidently whispering “Did God ever flunk yet?” and he deftly guides me to a portion of the scripture, Esther 2v5, and one of those conscious-unconscious revelation processes begin. I guess this is what Jesus meant when he said “…and He shall guide you into all truth” John16v13.

So I read the story, after a little background scan and the Spirit starts talking. See in the story of Esther, I realized that God was a pre-planner. He had already put plans in motion, years earlier, I think about nine, to counter-act the enemy’s attack. And one of those plans was planting an Inside Man – Mordecai. The enemy was planning to do a Hitler stunt on the people of God, so God went back in time and planted Mordecai, then staged a coup that overthrew the queen Vasthi, influenced the actions of some government authorities to pass into law a certain bill, which would ensure a certain Esther would be voted into Office of the Queen. How would a simple teenage girl with the wrong background and qualification ever be able to get such a prestigious position? How would she know the workings and protocols of the Palace life to be able to have an edge over the competition? Enter Mordecai, the Inside Man, planted years before. I am typing this in between office work and with so much excitement that I cannot take the time to fully pass across the details of this revelation and I pray that His Spirit will minister to you what he ministered to me.

Do I have to state the obvious? I am the Inside Man in my miistry. All of the props that God promised me are yet to come, but I must have been in place, learnt the ropes and just plain be around long enough to be able to grab that God-opportunity when he springs it. Then it wouldn’t matter if I had the wrong background or the wrong qualification; I would have become indispensable and the obvious candidate.

I wonder if that’s the reason I have had this unexplainable joy in the midst of my ponderings lately…


2 thoughts on “The Inside Man

  1. That’s what God promised…He will give us a peace which surpass every understanding. Even if you don’t have everything you think you want…you are so happy and at rest. That’s God.He fills you will so much love that you want to fall in love with Him all over again…I am glad I know Him.Thanks for sharing.

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