I Said, God Said

I said: I didn’t ask for this

God said: I know; I chose you.

I said: Now my life is a conflict.

God said: I am aware of that fact.

I said: sometimes, I am sure you picked the wrong guy. I mean take a look at me – wrong background, wrong qualification, wrong abilities, wrong maturity – I think this task is way over my head, and I’m no sure I am cut out for it.

God said: I totally agree son. It is way over your head, and you are right about being so wrong for the job. That’s exactly why I chose you.

I said: I do not understand that Father

God said: You know what Paul said about being strong when he is weak? Spotlights on you now son. Same thing I told Paul, I am telling you. My strength is perfected in your weakness. See, I don’t need you to be right for the job. I don’t need you to be a perfect ten. If you were, you wouldn’t need me. But the reason you are s wrong for this task is because you need me. I am your trump card. It’s not about what you can bring to play; it’s about what I an bring to play.

I said: But everyone is looking up to me; everyone is expecting me to deliver; to get the job done.

God said: But you look up to me; you expect me to deliver, to get the job done.

I said: I know I should, but some days are just so full of pressure that I forget about you.

God said: Knowing where it hurts is the first step to healing.

I said: Some days I just want to throw towel and run.

God said: I know the feeling son; I have been there.

I said: That’s not always comforting.

God said: No, I guess not; that’s why I had to look past the pain to the joy that was set before me. Sometimes, company doesn’t always do the trick; it’s the conquest that helps us take that next step.

I said: You told me things would be great. You said the lines are dropping in the right places for me. You said this was a great deal.

God said: I said so because it is so.

I said: Take a look around God; everything is so not what you promised. I am practically at the bottom rung here.

God said: The bottom is always a good place to start.

I said: That’s not even funny God; not when I have to make a living. Not when my family is waiting on me; not when my mates are making so much more that I can also make.

God said: I called you; not them. I never work with crowds. A one man cast works for me.

I said: This man is his family’s best asset.

God said: You seem to be forgetting something – you are just a man – translated you are limited.

I said: They don’t remember that. Besides it is my responsibility, isn’t it?

God said: You are my responsibility.

I said: They don’t think I have a real job.

God said: Welcome to the club; a lot of people don’t think I exist.

I said: It was easy when I was the bad guy; now my family is the bad guy. It’s a lot harder to fight family.

God said: It’s impossible to fight me.

I said: So now it’s you or them?

God said: I didn’t have any options about you.

I said: I guess that’s why you are God.

God said: I guess you should listen to yourself say that again.

I said: You really are God.

God said: I am

I said: And you hold all the cards.

God said: I do, but it is still your choice to play.

I said: The rules are just so hard.

God said: That’s the reason for the spirit in your heart, and the word in your mouth.

I said: Why me?

God said: Because you beat the rest of the competition.

I said: I don’t think I can make it

God said: I never make a bad investment

I said: How long?

God said: Until you become the champ. 


5 thoughts on “I Said, God Said

  1. “You know what Paul said about being strong when he is weak? Spotlights on you now son. Same thing I told Paul, I am telling you. My strength is perfected in your weakness.”

    Geez…we need to handle the spot-light now…sometimes it freaks me out to know I’m weak, but yet I’m strong cos its not my own strength…

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