Big God in Small Things

in my walk with god i have come to notice that god most times shows himself in the little things. as humans, we have put up a mentality for ourselves where we are that puny little thing and god is that big giant somebody up there and so far away from reach, i think if that was meant to be then jesus would not have showed up. when i look into my bible i see a god who indeed is bigger that the limits of our calculations, and yet loving enough to want to have an intimate relationship with the ones he created.

see, god is all that and then some; he is big enough to fill the whole universe, and big enough to be filled by the whole universe, and yet simultaneously he is little enough to fit into the clay moulded body of the human spirit. he proved it with teenage mary; and he still proves it today living on the inside of me.

i have learnt to see god in the small things of life. many times, when i do not enjoy the path he had placed me on, when the ride gets rough and i just want out, it is in little things that he uses to rekindle the spark. like when i was wondering how long it would take for his promises to be fulfilled. then just as i stepped out of my office complex to take a walk, i noticed a huge banner across the road advertising some event in words that were too precise: JUST IN TIME. or when i was wondering how god was going to get me into a certain position in my office when a restructuring was being done that put me in the exact opposite position. and on my way to walk again, i noticed a cab that had unexplainably gone over a side walk in a manner that screamed IMPOSSIBLE, and yet i was looking at it. Need i point out the obvious? Anything is Possible.


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