after the honeymoon

HEADLINE NEWS: Yesterday was Tminx beach party, and with a sense of accomplishment I am happy to say I WAS THERE! Details coming up shortly.

i have come to realize that true success and the fulfillment of god’s purpose for our lives requires more than pure passion. passion is what gets us started, but discipline is what takes us to the finish line. it is like romance; we find the object of our affection, and we are enraptured. we drink in her beauty and delight in her presence. we discover her person and determine our help mate. we pop the big question, and somewhere down the line we tie the knot. then comes the wedding night where we discover the treasure that we have dug; the gem that god prepared for us in the consummation of our love, and the songs of solomon become our song too.

a few weeks later, or months later for some of us, we wake up to reality. we discover that the object of our affection is indeed another human like ourselves. indeed, this object of our affection has bad breath in the mornings like we do; they have trussed up looks as they get out of bed each day, as we do. we come to find out that beneath the cloud nine in which we walked during courtship, there is good old, solid, dusty earth. the one god prepared for us becomes the one we have to wake up to every morning and grow old with. it is somewhere in this discovery that we realize that it will take more than the passion that attracted us to each other to keep us together. but it would take the discipline to slowly live out the vows that we quickly said at the altar. it would be our commitment to each other that would bring us home each day; it would be our commitment to each other that would display the wedding band to the secretary at work in the low-cut top and short skirt. it would be discipline that would make us stay as marriage partners, not just passionate lovers. somewhere down the line, after the honeymoon is over, our passion is going to grow old and then it will take our discipline and commitment to make the marriage work. Someone said it like this: …regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take its place.

this simple truth carries over to every other area of life. for example, it is 5am on a Monday morning as I write this. i love to write, passionately, but there’s a long day ahead of me and i need as much rest as i can get, and my bed is indeed quite comfortable. plus Christmas is around the corner and the festive mood is already creeping up on me. only commitment to my blog readers, and the discipline to improve on my writing skills, will get me to pick pen and paper and begin to weave words together for another blog entry.

when i joined the ministry, working for the lord had all the bells and whistle. i was excited especially at the fact that i could work for god, without necessarily being a clergy. i could actually be in the ministry, bringing in souls to the kingdom, through one of my favorite things to do – programming the internet. i was passionate about my work, and i spent many days and indeed nights before my computer, convinced that god was fortunate to find a laborer like me. today, i rethink my thoughts. because ministry work has gone beyond programming the internet. it has come to involve lending a hand in putting things and places together for ministry programs and events. it has come to involve getting under the hood and helping to make sure the bandwagon of the ministry keeps rolling on. i used to think working in the ministry would give me an opportunity to be super-charged in the lord at all times. now i have come to realize that when god called me to the ministry, he wasn’t handing me a meal ticket, but an apron and a tray, to help in feeding so many lost souls. now i know that there’s a time when you come into god’s kingdom and get fed; after a while you need to move over out of your seat, pick up a tray and begin to feed others. it is at this point that you will need the discipline to stick around, the courage to do all the grunt work and the wisdom to not neglect yourself even as you give of yourself.

god gives us passion to get us into his plan and purpose for our lives. but it’s up to us to develop the discipline and commitment to that purpose. it is my lack of discipline that almost cost me my faith in these recent months. it is my lack of commitment that saw me hollering for a time-out when passion faded. i have learnt to look at jesus in a new way. it must have been a novel experience for him to take on human form and walk the face of earth. it must have been passion that drove him to perform miracles and teach the word with such conviction. but it was commitment and discipline that kept his head up when the stones were held high; it was commitment and discipline that kept him mute when the accusations and the scourging came back to back; it was commitment and discipline that drove him to his feet every time the weight of the cross knocked him to the ground.

i still love god very much; the question now is “how much?”


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