Thankful…and Courage

I just got off the phone with my mom. Yes, we have a phone date every Friday night. I do take advantage of the MTN free midnight calls.

I am thankful for my mom. Everyday in the office, i scour the Nigerian Dailies, and i see huge headlines about deaths and shootings in Port Harcourt, the city where my mom lives. But thankfully, scripture is being fulfilled: eleven thousand shall fall down around you but it shall not come near you. My mom says her neighborhood has been pretty calm. They hear gunshots, but it’s not close by. There’s a curfew now in the city.

again, I am thankful for my mom and loved one’s safety – relatives, best friend’s family, etc. And i pray for the families of the innocent that have been caught in the crossfire. May they be comforted.

In other faith related matters, I have come to understand one of the words of God i wrote in my little prophecy book. Sometimes, victory is not about making progress. it’s just about still standing.

My decision moment draws closer. September 4 has been announced as the day NYSC camp begins. My company has hinted that like mordecai who was unrewarded for a service rendered, i am in line for a great recompense. My spirit says yes. My head says no. i wonder if i should stay as a church staff, or go look for greener pastures. My circumstances say go. My prophecies say stay.

I finally understand that it is not an answer i need. I already know the answer. it is the courage to go through i need.

Joshua 1 echoes in my head: Be of good courage….


7 thoughts on “Thankful…and Courage

  1. Funny, I was going to blog about Mama yesterday! How wonderful… I would love to meet your Mama, Matthew… she sounds like a woman of such great courage! Love you!

  2. That one line hit me like a ton of bricks…we look for the progress, when sometimes, all we’re supposed to do is be still. So glad ur fam and friends are well =)!< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Ashe.Selah<>

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