5 Years After

I called my mom today, just to hear her voice, and let her hear my voice. She reminded me to give thanks to God. I asked, anything in particular. She said, did you forget? Today is December 11…it’s been 5 years.

In deed, it is 5 years today since daddy passed on. We both thought life had stopped for us. But God has been faithful. In more ways that i can count, but i’ll try…

1. i was somewhere in my second year in the university. Today am a working professional.
2. mom was the owner of her own house. today she owns one more house she has leased out.
3. daddy could only afford to buy me a fairy used laptop. today, am using my second brand new laptop in the space of a few months.
4. i was a spoilt, pampered kid. today am a boy becoming a man.

i do miss daddy, i have learned to move on without him, but i know he was my springboard. he took me in when my biological dad rejected me. he gave mom and i another lease at life – a better life. he lived for us. he gave his best for us. he gave his all for us. he didnt stay to see all his efforts pay off. but i owe him so much. and so help me God, i wont quit on him.


6 thoughts on “5 Years After

  1. Waoh……thank God for bring your dad into your life and also for your life and your mums’ after your dad passed. Thank God ‘cos you have a reason to thank God for him after 5 years. Hvae a great week ahead.

  2. Somehow, I have this knowing that u’re not a quitter…and u’ll never be one! Your father, if he catches just one glimpse of you right now, would be proud of the man you’ve become…I thank God for your strength and endurance, and every mountain that you have ever leveled down! The sky is not your limit…

  3. That’s very nice, however, you don’t quit on yourself. Take this time to go futher then your Dad did. That’s what he would want anyway, right? And as you go futher, always and continue to give thanks to God, Jesus Christ.

  4. What a testament…there is strength inside of us all, we never knew was there. Looking forward to meeting my strength *smile*.Know your life honors both Daddys =)!< HREF="http://asheselah.wordpress.com" REL="nofollow">Ashe.Selah<>

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