Love Me Less

Some blogger who has taken up the task of talking against what other people believe about God, and the scriptures, did a post on the movie Evan Almighty. I once put a link to a post he did and apparently it got one of my very good blogger friend to walk a tightrope between what she believes and what she doubts, so I don’t intend to promote his blog anymore. However, I do visit his blog and read especially his posts on Christianity because in spite of the fact that I don’t we don’t subscribe to each other’s beliefs, his opposing standpoint helps me ascertain what I believe. And God once told me that you have not truly believed until you question what you believe.
Anyway, this post is about the movie Evan Almighty, and in blogging about this post he took the stand point of it being part of a deliberate or otherwise attempt to trivialize the messages of scripture. His arguments are quite valid and I do agree with his postulations, yet I believe there is a missing link which I have observed in every one of his posts on the subject of God and Christianity.

Scripture has it written that to the pure, all things are pure. And I believe that God deals with every one individually, and there are some things that may applicable to one person, and yet totally inapplicable to the other person.
I just finished the movie, and yes it did get a good laugh from me, it also brought tears to my eyes, and the only reason I didn’t let it all out is because I was in the office. See, what I saw in Evan Almighty s true to his arguments – slight twisting of the original story, subtle suggestions and insinuations on moral virtues more than scripture’s message. Yet, I also saw an opportunity for people who may never have given a thought to the story of Noah to have an idea of what it was all about. No matter what the intent was, to entertain at the expense of the scripture or not, the message of the ark was passed across.

And for someone like me, in between the laughs, I saw in the congressman the conflict of putting aside personal dreams to do what God wants; I saw the conflict of walking a road that causes even your own family to call you crazy; I saw the conflict of doing something that looked naturally stupid with only need-to-know information. I watched Evan Almighty and I laughed. But I also cried because I saw scenes of myself in that movie. And a quote that caught my attention was when “God” said to the congressman, Everything I do, I do becuase I love you”. And yet he got suspended from office, got ridiculed on national TV, and got his family walking out on him. Somewhere in the middle of it all, he said “ok God, love me less”. I knoe how many times I have wanted to say that.

But at the end of the story, we see that all things did work out for his good.
“When you pray for courage, does God give you courage? No, he gives you opportunities to be courageous”.

So what ministers evil to one person could minister good to another. Let every man be persuaded in his own heart, for whatever is not of faith, that is sin.

PS: Merry Christmas y’all.


5 thoughts on “Love Me Less

  1. I think it depends on individuals. I got the message in both movies, and i’ve come to realize that there’s always a message and lesson for us in ever step of the way. God speaks ALWAYS through EVERYTHING. Merry Christmas

  2. Wow, D…”Love me less”? Boy did those words hit me center mass…made me want to laugh and cry too lol…we’re all trusting the Omega in Him *smile*.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Ashe.Selah<>

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