Quirk! Who me?

Tagged by Rinsola. Am posting this in a hurry, so i can’t do the rules right now.

1. Most times, I put the toilet seat down.(ladies, am still single…)
2. In all of my 27 years, I have only had 2 pairs of suits, of which I have only worn one, once.
3. When I was going to the university, my mom made me a step by step list of how to make soup so I could eat eba. I think I could still make use of that list.
4. I am very selective about eating meat, fish, chicken etc anywhere. If it’s too big, or it rubs me the wrong way, I’d rather eat the food and pass on the meat, fish or chicken. As a result, most people who know me are always on standby to receive my meat, fish or chicken.
5. I have never played PS games. Never been in a physical fight with anyone.
6. When I was about 12 or 13, I wrote a chapter in one of my books detailing explicit sexual actions of one of my characters. And I let my mom and dad read it.
7. You know the stretch of skin between your thumb and index finger? When I was much younger, I liked to play with it; see how far I could stretch it and fantasize about running a blaze across it….lol….there was something about the pain that was sweet. I used to do the same thing for my Achilles tendon. There was a sweetness about the pain that came from trying to crush it… I am so glad I wasn’t paranoid enough.


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