A Pleasant Surprise – Update

My people, I am grinning from ear to ear. It’s 9.00pm on a Sunday evening, and I just got home. I had a date. And I had such a refreshing and relaxing time like I haven’t had in way too long.

So N and I spent the rest of the day after church together. Her friend was having a birthday party and celebrating her graduation from Law School, and N asked me to accompany her. Being that we have been quite friendly recently, with no hint of romance, it was so easy and comfortable talking with her. Plus she has this amiable and accommodating personality that you don’t have to walk on egg-shells around her.

And it started to feel good, and I began to imagine that this was not just a friendly outing, but a first date. And that’s when the questions began? Should I put my arms around her since she was sitting so close to me in the cab? Should I touch her since she was not uncomfortable with making contact with me? Should we linger on for a little longer since she was not in a hurry to leave? Should I kiss her good-night since she didn’t mind me walking her home? Should I invite to take her to know my place since she changed into something casual and insisted on walking me back to the bus-stop?

I don’t know, but I do know rushing things is the last thing I should do. She’s a very friendly person, so this may just be herself. Or she may letting me know that she likes me. So what am I supposed to do now? Talk to me people.

I just sent her an sms telling her I really enjoyed her company and would love to go out again another time. Then I called her up to say good night. I don’t think I will contact her again for a few days. Right? That’s the way to go? Give her some space then make contact? Talk to me, people, I need some help in here.

I have learned that when you play Mr Nice, and win a girl’s friendship, it gets difficult to ash her out. So, just ask her out already. But if she says no, you may not get to even be friends again. Gosh! Why does it have to be so complicated? I don’t want to blow a comfortable friendship. And I don’t want to lose a probable relationship.


3 thoughts on “A Pleasant Surprise – Update

  1. Very cute!But, Hollywood and Nollywood LIE to people.You are thinking about it too much. 🙂 It’s not a game or a puzzle. Take your time and enjoy the moments you spend with her. There is no formula. Don’t spend your time calculating the correct moment for a touch or a kiss. I’d say look at this as a child of the God who is a consuming fire. You mess with her, you’re messing with Him. Her body does not belong to her. It belongs even less, so to speak, to you.Also, “Being that we have been quite friendly lately…” When did “lately” begin? Hand the pen to God, my brother. From experience I’ll tell you that the best way to ruin a friendship or, more commonly, a probable relationship, is to try and write the love story yourself.PS: Here’s an easy way to figure out what to do: Pray.Voila. My input. 🙂Very, very cute, though.

  2. Pea gave some excellent advice, bro :)! I’ll re-emphasize that trying to calculate, plan, and control the flow of things will only create some awkward moments that could prove damaging in the long run. NURTURE THE FRIENDSHIP, and things (whatever they’re purposed to be) will happen naturally.Do resist the urge to smother, as honestly, you’re still learning her, and she you. The best things in life take time…be patient, prayerful, and relax *smile*.

  3. <>“I don’t know, but I do know rushing things is the last thing I should do.”<>You said it right dearie. Hey, have you asked yourself if you’re walking in God’s will? I think before you get into a relationship you must ask yourself that question…I love ur easy flare of wanting to be romantic…lol.

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