And Ayomipo Got His Groove On!

So it’s official. After 27 years of single-hood, I am no longer single.


10 thoughts on “And Ayomipo Got His Groove On!

  1. (Scream!!!) Really??? Congratulations!!! I am so sure we “prophesied” this in some chat!!! I will frantically check my archives this weekend, L.W. So what happened… did you ask what the deal was with the shoes? I’m not supposed to be posting stuff online but I knew stopping here would bless me. Hurry up and update with all the juicy details. Congratulations and I TOLDYOUSO!

  2. See him! So happy! We are all happy for you – at least now you stop counting your years of singleness from the second u breathed in air in this world.So ecsastic about it all! And the shoes were the perfect bribe – its just girl language, saying, “You are his best friend and I really want you on my side!”Of course N got that fast!i am waiting for my own shoes o!

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