I Miss Blogging

My dear dear friend asked me why i blog? I think i blog because am a writer. I don’t talk much but i have a lot of passion inside of me, so blogging is a way to express myself. Plus i know that i have a story to tell that someone can learn from. So i blog for myself. and i blog for someone.

I havent been blogging frequently because i am fighting the fight of my life. And truth be said, there is a lot of pain. I am in terrible spiritual low, and theres no point in writing words that are devoid of grace. Even if i could write, which i really can’t because like the say, he who is really pained has no words.

Anyway, i seem to be slowly rising from my rock bottom spiritual experience. I discovered one of my pastors books, The Gates of Zion, which pretty much epitomized my current spiritual state. You might want to buy a copy from our online store. http://www.christembassyonlinestore.org

Anyways, i miss blogging. I have been reading but i hope to start writing again pretty soon.



7 thoughts on “I Miss Blogging

  1. This is not doing much for my already emotional state!! I am praying for you… May God comfort you and not just because I am eager to read more posts. 🙂 Love you plenty plenty

  2. theres no point in writing words that are devoid of grace

    actually i would disagree with this statement,

    check out psalms 77 and 88 even 73 and 51 are all part of david’s lows

    and let’s not forget the whole book of ecclesiastis

    hang in there
    and get it out of your system cuz the longer it stays bottled up the more it stinks up your insides

  3. … and this too will pass…

    Hold on to your faith and fight your way out and back into God’s arms, He is waiting, and always has been… and then you can blog, and then blog some more… and then you can give your testimonies, for it will help someone who will walk the path you are currently passing through.

    I pray for you to hang on and be strong..

    Much Love x

  4. i agree with kafo – you need to vent – blog. Like David, you need to pour it all out so that when you rise again someone somewhere can say ‘he’s been down and back up in a similar situation, what excuse do i have?’
    Just take a look at Kafo – she is going through a lot, and I mean A LOT, but does she bottle it up inside? Nope. Does she wait till she is on a high to blog? Nope.
    Leave footprints for someone somewhere to step into……

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