I Recommend…

I am slowing getting my bounce back spiritually. I found great connection, comfort and answers in this book, The Gates of Zion, by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. You can get a copy from our online store

I recommend it to anyone who hits a spiritual rock bottom.

Testimony: Yesterday, I put to work the verse that says be anxious for nothing…make your request known to God…Today, the answer showed up.

New Life Lesson: God’s silence isn’t necessarily is absence. Sometimes His silence is deliberate to serves His purpose. God was silent on Jesus from age 12 to age 30. God was silent on Jacob when Joseph was “dead”.


5 thoughts on “I Recommend…

  1. When you feel you are in between a rock and a hard place, pray in tongues until it takes you over….lock urself up and saturate yourself with the manifested presence of God ….speaking in the Holy Ghost…. every situation will be flooded with light. You’d be amazed u ever had a “spiritual low”…it’d sound so strange to you ..

  2. Interesting….just doing the rounds and I don’t know what led me to your blog.

    I pray that you win the battles you are fighting in the mighty name of Jesus.

    I must say that we are all in battles, spiritually and otherwise but we will all smile in the end.

    Forgive me if I appear too forward here but a blog title says a lot about the personality of the blogger, at least in my opinion.

    Words are powerful and sorry, even though we all fight, I will refuse to address you as “fight”…

    What you profess and what others profess upon your life ought to be taken seriously…

    God bless you. Something to ponder on.

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