The Beauty of the Bible

I do not want to believe that it is because I have a dire need that I have re-discovered the beauty of the bible. I hope not. Anyways. I have missed reading my bible. It used to be a cliche when they said “don’t get so busy working for the lord that you neglect to walk with him”. To me, this is no longer a cliche; it is the safety net beneath the tight-rope walker. I did not deliberately neglect fellow-shipping with God; but somewhere along the line of being a church staff, (with plentiful harvest and few laborers) I didn’t have the time to meditate, pray or study the bible – for the souls that needed to be ministered to. I was the kitchen staff who was dying of starvation.

So I picked up my bible recently; feeling a hunger that I used to have back in my school days, when all that mattered was fellowship, and there were no need for schedules and bills. I read a few verses of Galatians, and got stuck in the 4th verse: “Jesus gave his lie for our sins, just as God our father had planned, in order to rescue us from this evil world …”. Somehow, I couldn’t get past that verse, and it struck me like I had never read it before; well, in the NLT version. See, the beauty of that verse for me was to realize that God had a rescue plan in place for me – even when I was a convict of sin. And the astounding thing about the rescue plan was that it involved the sacrifice of his son. So am thinking, if God could have such a selfless rescue plan for me when I was a sinner; what wouldn’t he do for me now that am a saint? He rescued me from an evil world; wouldn’t he be able to rescue me from not having accommodation?

Indeed, I should “cast your cares upon the Lord; for he cares for you.”


One thought on “The Beauty of the Bible

  1. I was the kitchen staff who was dying of starvation.

    this is soo on point, four months ago i was at this stage and i had to unplug in order to get fed

    in regards to accommodation: I have never seen the righteousness forsaken nor his seed begging bread

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