The Unexpected Thing That Happened When I Stopped Going to Church

My Comment: I could kiss you for this post. In fact I had to comment before I finished reading. A lot of Christians need to read this. I am one of those who believes in not forsaking the gathering of the brethren but I also know that sometimes church is more distracting for me. And I always get bullied when I opt out of Sunday services because many times its filled with lots of religious activities. And I want intimacy, romance, making love with the holy spirit. Many times I get to this point in personal fellowship. You are right about the lifestyle of constant conversation and hearing Gods voice. That is my definition of Christianity. But of course this is not something I would recommend for all. Very few of us can successfully balance this act of drawing closer to God while seemingly neglecting corporate fellowship. But you nailed it when you said a relationship with christ does not depend on church attendance. Thank you for letting me know am not alone.

I will just leave this here:

I think I learned something that sadly so many of us miss: a relationship with Jesus isn’t based on church attendance.

That statement might ruffle some feathers. It certainly isn’t good for the church roster, but I believe it is true enough to repeat. A relationship with Jesus isn’t based on church attendance. And I’ll tell you why.

Too often we assume that if we go to church every Sunday that we are set. And that’s all we do. There are some fantastic preachers out there, mine included, but if you’re counting on them to get you to heaven then you’re sorely mistaken. A relationship with the Lord can’t sustain itself, and it can’t thrive on a lesson learned in a hour one day a week.

When I began working Sundays I was so worried my spiritual life would suffer that I decided to fight for it. I was off Monday through Friday, and I spent every free moment I had seeking His face. I prayed continually, and now speak to Jesus all day long throughout my waking moments. In fact I converse with Him right when my eyes open, even in the middle of the night. I made the choice to listen to His voice, and I spend as much time as I can manage in quiet time allowing Him to speak to my heart.

I read the Bible frequently, and now His word is an everyday lamp for my feet. It gives me comfort in all things. I listened to recorded sermons during the week, and I surrounded myself with worship and praise music. I learned to depend on my relationship with God, and it became a lifestyle, not just a place I went a couple of hours on Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Thing That Happened When I Stopped Going to Church

  1. Your posting is almost like an echo in my mind because for different reasons I have forsaken going to church on a regular basis. But like yourself I have found that I seek out Jesus daily with more prayer, meditation, reading of the bible and yes spinning my radio dial to find an inspirational preacher helping me understand more about God.

    I do at times miss the fellowship of others lifting our voices to the heavens
    but for now have to settle on one lone voice calling out from the wilderness.

  2. There is something to be said for solitude and a personal relationship, and there is also benefit in fellowship. It is only through fellowship that the mystery of the gospel is truly known (Col 2:2). Living with others and being held accountable is scary but necessary for us to fulfill our true calling

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