2016. The Perfect Day.

you know how the bible says that we have a god who declares the end in the beginning? yes, god does that to me often, but sometimes he tells me the end even before the beginning. like 2 weeks ago, he started talking to me about 2016.

you see, am not very good at conventional praying but god and i usually have this constant dialogue about random stuff, so at first i didn’t realize he was talking about 2016 until several little things began to add up.

like that gentle but consistent nudging in my spirit to take off my church’s 2015 sticker from my car and like becoming team lead on my job to develop a new year budget/work-plan starting october 1st and ending september with approval for a particular increase i had requested for 6 months ago.

over the years i have learned to recognize abba’s voice in the little things so my spirit began to connect the dots when god started talking to me on tuesday, sept 29. after some meditation of the scriptures, the word of god came to me. proverbs 4:18. at first i didn’t get it. you see proverbs 4:18 is the scripture god gave me for 2015 when he told me to shine again  and naturally i would expect something different for a new year/season. but then he began to enlighten my spirit and i began to understand.

2015 has been a good year. the prophecy god gave me for 2015 has been fulfilled. looking back over the past 9 months, there has been a consistent shining in our life – my wife and i have made giant strides.

in particular, one of the key things that quickened my spirit for 2015 was the desire to “out-give bill gates”, to give away a majority of my income. i believe i did this to the best of my ability in 2015 – i have given away more than i ever given before. I did give my wife a brand new car, and i sowed seeds to 2 other friends who planned to buy their cars. the only thing i still desire to do is to give away my own car before the end of 2015. like pastor bestman in my church would say “you are trusting god for a car, i am trusting god for the money to buy you the car”. so yes before the end of 2015 i am trusting god for grace to be able to give away my car.

so you know how the bible says the sons of issachar were those who knew which season it was and what israel ought to do? in the midst of my meditation, i felt god telling me that my season had changed and 2015 was kind of over. for me, 2016 was beginning.

you see the whole of 2015 i had lived by proverbs 4:18 with an emphasis on shining but then god began to show me more that i had not seen. in fact let me just put it down in his own words:

the scripture for 2015 was proverbs 4:18 and the empasis was on shining. 2016 will be a continuation of your 2015’s scripture and shining. 2015 was your process of becoming brighter in glory, of shining more and more, of increasing in all things from one level to a higher level. 2015 was a journeying for you but 2016 is like the destination. 2016 is where you have been headed to all this while; what i started with you in 2013 was to bring you to the destination of 2016.

2016 is The Perfect Day that i have prepared and provisioned for you. it is a culmination of all of your shining in previous days. 2016 will see you become established in your shining and glory. 2016 will see you become firmly secured and enduring; long-lasting in your shining and glory. 2016 will bring you a stability and certainty in your shining inheritance that cannot be moved. 2016 will see you stand firm even in the midst of turbulent waters that will not overflow you but will make room for you. 2016 will see you as the pillar and foundation that many will lean on. 2016 is The Perfect Day when your shining is confirmed by god himself.

wow. absolutely wow. whoever said walking with god was boring was definitely clueless. one of my most prized possession is my ability to converse with god and i don’t take that for granted at all. yet sometimes hearing god talk is scary. oh this is a beautiful prophecy but i have learned that god is not a magician. i know that every prophecy requires a mixing with faith so my work is cut out for me.

you see i understand that this is the will of god for us and the direction for our life in 2016 but we will need instructions. along with the prophecy, god gave me a bunch of scriptures to show me how this is all going to work out. i have shared this with my wife and we have started praying with it.

i wasn’t sure i should share this on the blog because i was afraid – what if this was my mind speaking and not god? but that’s the beautiful thing about god – he will make sure to confirm his word. ask joseph and pharoah.

i haven’t been to wednesday service in my church in a while but during yesterday’s service which co-incidentally was the beginning of a prayer session, pastor shola said a whole lot of stuff that literally confirmed everything that has happened to me in the past few days.

in particular, he said “when the holy spirit reveals something to you, in the form of an idea or direction, it’s because it is for you. peter received the revelation of who christ was because he would be the pillar of the church…capture gods revelation for your life, what is it saying about you?…whatever revelation births stands the test of time”

after that confirmation in church there is nothing more to fear.  happy new year ayo & anita. welcome to 2016, the perfect day.


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