2016. A Memorial for the Perfect Day

On the last day of 2015 my wife and I sowed a seed. It was a difficult seed to sow.

It was my wife who first picked up the signals. When I came to her and said I think God wants me to sow xyz amount but I am scared. She smiled and said, but i already told you that, didn’t I?

I didnt remember. And then she refreshed my memory. It is funny how God works. He had impressed the thought on my wife earlier and she had mentioned it to me but was scared I would not be convinced.

Then in a totally unrelated incident, God had impressed the same thought on me though I was reluctant to receive it . Out of habit, I shared my thoughts with wifey only to have her confirm it. And as if to drive home the point,  it was exactly the same amount of money we had both separately picked up from the spirit.

Still it was a difficult move to make. Why? Because that money , though insufficient, was meant for a  much desired prayer request. It was a difficult move because giving away that amount of money would literally set us back to ground zero and we would have no backup plan or savings for the new year .

Then my wife reminded me that this fear was not new to us. She pointed out the other side of the matter – sowing this seed would mean that God had brought us to the point where we could afford to sow a seed that was 20 times more than what we could afford to sow on the last day of 2014.

The bible talks about a man obtaining favor when he finds a wife for himself (proverbs 18:22). But there is another scripture (proverbs 19:14) that talks about a wife inherited from the Lord. I thank God for my inherited wife.

In fear, but also with faith, my wife and I did a mobile banking transfer and sowed our difficult seed to our pastor, after discussing with him the details behind the seed.

In response, he thanked us for bringing him confirmation of the message he was planning to share with the rest of the congregation later that night in the cross over service. Funny how God works. Our reluctant obedience was confirmation for my pastors new year message. At the same time, pastor’s yet-to-be-preached message was confirmation to us that our seed faith offering was not just random idea. As a result, my wife and I were the first to hear a portion of pastor shola’s new year message on creating a memorial for 2016.

After the transfer, pastor shola spoke to us briefly about Cornelius in Acts 10 and then prayed a simple prayer for us. Since then I have been meditating on that portion of scripture. You see, Cornelius loved God. He prayed and gave alms, the bible says, and as a result God responded to him. As I studied the chapter this morning God began to speak to me and I made some notes in my YouVersion bible app.


So, in spite of the fear we may feel at starting 2016 from ground zero, we are fully persuaded that, like Cornelius, we have laid a memorial.

And God is able to fulfill his word for us in 2016 by…

…giving us strategies and opportunities to make wealth…

…giving us the right relationships to facilitate those strategies…

…making sure that, whether friend or foe, those relationships are favorably disposed to be our bridge to The Perfect Day.


4 thoughts on “2016. A Memorial for the Perfect Day

  1. Thanks for this post Ayo. I have been battling with the messages I have been receiving. I guess I don’t have to any longer. I’m going to take a deep breath and just do what I’ve been told. Thanks again for this!

    1. Thank God that this inspires you Kiki. I pray your obedience will be rewarded beyond your expectations. Our God is a Rewarder.

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