The Conflict of the Called

i love god. i want to live for him. i want to be used by him. i don’t want to be religious or politically correct. i want to be a man of the spirit who cannot be predicted but is led of the spirit. i am not interested with popular faith, i am passionate about inspired and instructed faith.… Read More The Conflict of the Called


The Silence of His Presence

You know that moment when God’s deliverance feels more like danger and when the best of times feels like the worst of times? I know that I am living my best life yet, the only problem is that I am unable to enjoy it. And it seems that I am bringing down everyone around me – particularly my wife. I don’t like where I am and who I am right now. I don’t like who l have become.… Read More The Silence of His Presence

Marriage is work…

I have a couple of post in my head. But while am recovering from malaria, I thought I would share this beautiful post with you guys. It reminds me of what my wife and I have been doing these past 8 months and what we pray to do the rest of our lives.

I especially like the part that says marriage is a commitment to grow… its amazing how much my wife has grown since she said yes. And yours truly also.… Read More Marriage is work…