The Walk

the dust on my street is cleared and the gully is gone. but in my life right now, there’s still a lot of dust flitting around, and i can not make out what’s infront of me. my heart is pounding, not with fright, but with the uncertainty of what is going to happen next. i… Read More The Walk


…you know, it’s amazing how god’s word is so simple and easy to believe, and yet at the same time, sometimes, it’s every effort to believe. lately, in the past couple of days, i have been in a state of uncertainty. i have silently and secretly been wondering where i stand in the midst of… Read More Licensed


….at this particular moment i feel like all the hope has been sucked out of me. i feel like all the fight has been knocked out of me….funny…a few days ago i was like…bring it on…today, to put it mildly, i am whimpering Time Out! Time Out! with no intention of getting back into the… Read More Secure