Dear God

Right now, i feel like you are wasting my time.




Complexities of Love

Novia has been out of town for some weeks, and still we fight. i think it’s a good sign for two people learning to accomodate each other’s strong personalities; but sometimes it scares me. Still, like salvation, we both need to work out this relationship.

Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:48:42 PM): baby
Novia (8/25/2008 7:48:52 PM): sup
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:48:59 PM): good to see u
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:49:04 PM): hw r u?
Novia (8/25/2008 7:49:20 PM): good
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:49:26 PM): miss me?
Novia (8/25/2008 7:50:53 PM): no
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:51:15 PM): really?
Novia (8/25/2008 7:51:23 PM): uhmmmmmm
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:51:30 PM): thats very enlightening
Novia (8/25/2008 7:51:53 PM): really
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:52:12 PM): yes…how u like to strave me
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:52:18 PM): starve
Novia (8/25/2008 7:52:32 PM): hmmmmmm
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:52:47 PM): well, 2 can play u know
Novia (8/25/2008 7:53:28 PM): hmmmmm
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:53:52 PM): wat r u doing online?
Novia (8/25/2008 7:54:53 PM): just came to check my box n stuff
Novia (8/25/2008 7:55:05 PM): was trying to reply my offlines
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:55:09 PM): k
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:55:31 PM): seriously its nt nice wen u deliberately withold something u know i enjoy
Novia (8/25/2008 7:55:56 PM): and wat is dat?
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:56:11 PM): Ayo Edinger: miss me? Novia: no
Novia (8/25/2008 7:56:40 PM): hmmmmm
Novia (8/25/2008 7:56:44 PM): who is novia
Novia (8/25/2008 7:56:59 PM): she better no be missing u oh
Novia (8/25/2008 7:57:14 PM): cos if she was i will break her head
Novia (8/25/2008 7:57:19 PM):
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 7:57:39 PM): well, at least somebody is missin me
Novia (8/25/2008 7:58:03 PM): hmmmmm
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:01:23 PM): nobodys home
Novia (8/25/2008 8:01:37 PM):
Novia (8/25/2008 8:01:41 PM):
Novia (8/25/2008 8:01:50 PM): ur not talking to me
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:02:14 PM): well u v been usng one words since….u obviously didnt come here to talk to me
Novia (8/25/2008 8:02:46 PM): cant u pet somebody sef
Novia (8/25/2008 8:03:00 PM):
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:03:03 PM): cnt u just tell sumbody that u miss him n u love him?
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:03:12 PM): u want me to indulge u but u wont indulge me?
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:03:15 PM): not fair
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:03:22 PM): tit for tat remember?>
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:03:33 PM): besides i only pet pple who miss me
Novia (8/25/2008 8:03:48 PM): reall
Novia (8/25/2008 8:03:53 PM): y
Novia (8/25/2008 8:04:00 PM): tit 4 tat eh
Novia (8/25/2008 8:04:17 PM): ok
Novia (8/25/2008 8:04:25 PM): let d games begin
Novia (8/25/2008 8:04:35 PM):
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:04:47 PM): wat did u smoke today?
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:04:54 PM): u r looking for fight abi?
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:05:03 PM): pls tell them u didnt see me
Novia (8/25/2008 8:05:40 PM):
Novia (8/25/2008 8:05:45 PM): well done
Novia (8/25/2008 8:05:58 PM): now ur callin me a drug addict eh
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:06:25 PM): by law, that is false accusation
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:06:30 PM): cos i never said such words
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:06:35 PM): and i sue u for liibel
Novia (8/25/2008 8:06:41 PM): u implied it
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:06:53 PM): circumstantial…no proof
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:07:04 PM): no witnesses
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:07:31 PM): u r ordered to compensate me for defamation of xter
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:07:43 PM): ur sentence is to tell me u love me and miss me everytim i ask
Novia (8/25/2008 8:07:53 PM):
Novia (8/25/2008 8:08:01 PM): very funny
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:08:28 PM): why do u do it novia?
Novia (8/25/2008 8:08:52 PM): baby
Novia (8/25/2008 8:09:04 PM): i know dat one would hurt
Novia (8/25/2008 8:09:10 PM): am sorryyyy
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:09:39 PM): i rily dnt like it and i hope u wont do it again…apology accepted
Novia (8/25/2008 8:10:12 PM): pls tell me wat exactly upset u?
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:10:27 PM): Ayo Edinger: miss me? Novia: no
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:10:35 PM): and u did it the other nite on fone
Novia (8/25/2008 8:10:39 PM): oh dat
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:10:44 PM): wen i wante u to say u love me
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:10:52 PM): u deliberately refused to say it
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:10:58 PM): and kept rejecting my call
Novia (8/25/2008 8:11:11 PM): i must not say it all d time u know
Novia (8/25/2008 8:11:37 PM): be comfortable knowin ido
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:11:47 PM): i know u do, but i enjoy hearing u say it
Novia (8/25/2008 8:11:49 PM): if i say it or not
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:11:51 PM): and u kow i enjoy it
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:11:56 PM): so why dnt u just indulge me
Novia (8/25/2008 8:12:00 PM): now dat sounds selfish
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:12:05 PM): its like doing it just bcos u know i like it
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:12:11 PM): just like i like doing things for u
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:12:17 PM): that i know u will like
Novia (8/25/2008 8:16:38 PM): were did u go
Novia (8/25/2008 8:16:41 PM): ?
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:16:50 PM): my yahoo hung
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:17:07 PM): so i missed wateva u may hv said
Novia (8/25/2008 8:17:21 PM): nothing
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:17:25 PM): ok
Novia (8/25/2008 8:17:51 PM): so how was ur day?
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:18:21 PM): fine
Novia (8/25/2008 8:18:28 PM): hmmmmmmmm
Novia (8/25/2008 8:18:34 PM): dat dry hmm
Novia (8/25/2008 8:18:38 PM): jist me jo
Novia (8/25/2008 8:18:45 PM): wat happened?
Novia (8/25/2008 8:18:57 PM): i called **** dis morning
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:19:15 PM): nice
Novia (8/25/2008 8:19:16 PM): told him i heard he wore blue native to church
Novia (8/25/2008 8:19:20 PM): n he was like ah
Novia (8/25/2008 8:19:37 PM): i here such details from were i am
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:19:48 PM): hmmmmm
Novia (8/25/2008 8:20:36 PM): hmmmmmmm
Novia (8/25/2008 8:20:45 PM): called ****
Novia (8/25/2008 8:21:01 PM): to ask how she is n my work going
Novia (8/25/2008 8:21:10 PM): i text ******
Novia (8/25/2008 8:21:22 PM): to let her kno i arrived safe
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:21:33 PM): gud
Novia (8/25/2008 8:22:06 PM): hmmmmmmmmmm wat else
Novia (8/25/2008 8:22:15 PM): wat of b e?
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:22:29 PM): ok i gues
Novia (8/25/2008 8:22:44 PM): hmmmmmmmmmm
Novia (8/25/2008 8:23:07 PM): at least that was not a moosylabic response
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:23:21 PM): rite
Novia (8/25/2008 8:23:32 PM): hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Novia (8/25/2008 8:23:47 PM): now dis is a monosyllable
Novia (8/25/2008 8:23:53 PM): ur so brilliant
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:24:01 PM): yep
Novia (8/25/2008 8:24:27 PM):
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:35:52 PM): yep
Novia (8/25/2008 8:42:51 PM): bye
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:42:58 PM): bye
Novia (8/25/2008 8:45:39 PM): am upset wit u
Novia (8/25/2008 8:45:42 PM): just to let u know
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:45:48 PM): same here
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:45:54 PM): so dnt turn tables
Novia (8/25/2008 8:46:04 PM): dont see y u blanked out been tryin to get u to talk
Novia (8/25/2008 8:46:15 PM): pls dont call me
Novia (8/25/2008 8:47:19 PM): so i cant joke around with u
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:47:34 PM): we’v been thru this b4 novia
Novia (8/25/2008 8:47:35 PM): so i wass pulling ur legs
Novia (8/25/2008 8:47:48 PM): must u pick up from were i left
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:47:50 PM): y joke wit sumtin u know i dnt enjoy
Novia (8/25/2008 8:47:57 PM): anyway good night
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:48:07 PM): i was so excited to see u
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:48:12 PM): and now this….
Novia (8/25/2008 8:48:28 PM): so wat if i said i wasnt missing u
Novia (8/25/2008 8:48:36 PM): now wat
Ayo Edinger (8/25/2008 8:48:47 PM): even though av told u i dnt like it wen u say that?

Novia has signed out. (8/25/2008 8:48 PM)

PS:I have grown since meeting Novia, and before then i would have sulked and not called her, like we have been doing every nite since she travelled. But i know better now, so i called her. And she answered. We bared our feelings. We didn’t reach a common ground, but talking about it was still some kind of connection.

Update, about 10am on Tuesday Morning
My fone begins to play Lagbaja’s “Never far away” – my new ringtone since Novia travelled. Caller ID reads “Novia calling”

Me: Hey
Novia: ahan….u didnt even let the fone ring.
Me: Guess i was in a hurry to pick up
Novia: wat i i was just flashing u?
Me: i was excited to hear your voice.
Novia: hmmmm
Me: so wats up?
Novia: nothing, was just thinking of you. wanted to let you know
Me: rily? thanks a lot, i appreciate the thought. am in d office now. i will send u a text later.
Novia: ok, bye.
Me: bye.

Yep…”work out your own salvation” is true talk. work out your own relationship, is equally true. Needless to say, the case is closed.

Off the Shizzle!

hello everyone. thanks for all the comments you guys left on my last post. i don’t have a lot of time right now, but i just wanted to let you guys know that all is well with Novia and i. But you all were not far off the point – Novia agreed she wasn’t into that chat session at all. Minus the fact that she was still peeved at me, she was also into a movie…and she doesn’t play with her movies.

But, you know what they say about relationships? That the best part of the fighting is the making up?

Well, i rest my case. Weekend was off the shizzle!

The Art of Making Up

Ayo Edinger: pls if u r there, talk to me
Novia: hey
Ayo Edinger: hey
Ayo Edinger: how have u been?
Novia: good n u?
Ayo Edinger: am ok
Ayo Edinger: i sent u an sms earlier
Ayo Edinger: i just want you to know am sorry
Ayo Edinger: and i miss you
Novia: its fine
Ayo Edinger: i bought a book today. its called emotional intelligence
Ayo Edinger: i hav started reading it
Ayo Edinger: i want to do whatever it takes to keep us together
Novia: interesting
Novia: who wrote it?
Ayo Edinger: some guy…a psychologist i think
Ayo Edinger: a kind of scientist
Ayo Edinger: or professor
Novia: is he born again?
Ayo Edinger: i dont know
Novia: in all u do remember u operate wit a dif set of rules
Ayo Edinger: yes i know
Novia: dis guy whoever he is might have some principles but r they baised on d word?
Novia: anywayyyyyyyyyy all am trying to say is
Novia: it matters who u get ur info from
Ayo Edinger: i understand
Ayo Edinger: i just want to do everything i can do be a better person for you
Ayo Edinger: theres a lot of pages and plent of small fonts, so am just kinda scanning thru some interesting section
Ayo Edinger: i dont know if i will get the time to read it all
Ayo Edinger: but like u said there a few bits and pieces to pick up
Ayo Edinger: …i cooked beans yesterday
Novia: good for u
Ayo Edinger: and i ate is last nite and tonite. hv u eaten anything today?
Novia: yup
Novia: indomine
Ayo Edinger: thats nice. i still hv sum left over beans if u r still hungry
Ayo Edinger: i cud email it to you
Novia: tanks but i will pass
Ayo Edinger: well, if u change ur mind…i did put a little bit too much salt i think
Ayo Edinger: but if u dont taste it, it will go down fine
Ayo Edinger: i kinda just swallow it while watching 24
Ayo Edinger: so i dont really notice
Novia: hope it worked
Ayo Edinger: yes it did
Novia: ok
Ayo Edinger: guess wat? i came for wed prayer meeting today
Ayo Edinger: actually the entore office came….our first
Novia: interestin
Novia: congrats
Ayo Edinger: S insisted that we all come since we scored 0 the last time
Novia: think i was waiting to go to d office.
Novia: good for him
Ayo Edinger: i saw P today also
Novia: really
Ayo Edinger: we spoke this evening just b4 service abt the job
Ayo Edinger: i got her no too
Novia: ok
Ayo Edinger: so how did he tell you?
Ayo Edinger: i got disconnected. u still there?
Novia: yup
Ayo Edinger: so how did he tell you?
Ayo Edinger: i mean god…
Ayo Edinger: just a few mins b4 u came online i prayed for you
Ayo Edinger: and i asked him to tel you i missed u a lot
Novia: really
Ayo Edinger: and that i was sorry
Novia: i told u
Novia: its fine
Novia: ?
Ayo Edinger: yes i know….
Ayo Edinger: i was just wonderinf if he butered my msg very well
Ayo Edinger: and put sugar and ice cream on it
Novia: how much did u give him
Novia: he isnt an errand boy u know
Ayo Edinger: i know…i cried my heart out to him
Ayo Edinger: he couldnt stand to seeme so broken
Ayo Edinger: u know hes crazy abt me
Ayo Edinger: thats one reason why he gave me the gift of u
Novia: really
Ayo Edinger: yes he is
Novia: good for u.\
Ayo Edinger: wanna know a secret? i think hes crazy abt u too
Ayo Edinger: thats y he gave you the gift of me
Novia: hmmmmmmmmmm
Ayo Edinger: he has a way of hooking pple up…
Ayo Edinger: i think its his specialty
Ayo Edinger: wat do u think?
Novia: hmm
Ayo Edinger: yeah, i know…i feel d same way abt u….at a loss for words
Ayo Edinger: wen i think of the beauty u brot into my life
Novia: lol
Ayo Edinger: all i can say too is….hmmmmm
Ayo Edinger: aha!
Ayo Edinger: i am fulfilled….she laughs
Ayo Edinger: the laugh that rocks my world
Ayo Edinger: i guess u will be tired….it must hv been a long day for you….
Novia: it was
Novia: was in d airport a long time
Ayo Edinger: i wish i cud be ther 2 rub ur shoulders and masssage ur feet
Novia: didnt make service
Ayo Edinger: sowwiee
Novia: tanks 4 d tot
Ayo Edinger: u shud sleep early dnt u think?
Novia: am seeing a movie
Ayo Edinger: hmm….let me guess the title….”she loves me a lot”?
Novia: no john turker must die
Ayo Edinger: lol
Ayo Edinger: hmmm…..never step on a womans toes….i learned from that movie
Novia: just seein it
Ayo Edinger: well then let me let u enjoy. i hv just a few mins b4 nepa goes off here
Novia: ok
Ayo Edinger: i sent u a yogurt drink thru H
Ayo Edinger: and i love you very much Novia
Novia: thank u
Ayo Edinger: and i appreciate you a lot
Novia: tanks
Ayo Edinger: good nite my love
Novia: nite

Love Story 301

Being in love, or loving someone, does not mean that i will like everything she does, or that she will like everything i do.

Communication. Don’t underestimate it. It is key to keeping a relationship. For when you both stop talking, you both stop walking.

True, being the one to stand down, is not an easy task. But remaining uncommunicative is a sure way to splitting up.

Update: Novia and I talked later in the night on yahoo. Not what i would have wanted, but under the circumstances, it was the option we had if we didn’t want the friction to carry over. And i realized that i had heard what she didn’t say; and she had said what she didn’t mean.

Lesson learned: Never sweat the small stuff!