Conflicted Anointing

Presently, i need closure on a lot of things in my life. But i am in a state where silence is my loudest cry.

The message by Bishop TD Jakes, Conflicted Anointing, aptly pictures my present moment. The king in me versus the kid in me. The life i have versus the life i have been given. The glory ahead versus the grit now.

Last night, after way too long, i worshiped. I didn’t hit a home run, but i think i got to first base.

I miss God. I miss passion. I miss first love.


Eureka! How To Lose A Woman


How to lose a woman you deeply love who’s just not that into you…ILLEGALLY catch her “cheating” and LET HER KNOW YOU KNOW by helping her get away with it.

ROFLMAO! Now that was good. Whew! Free at last!

After Passion Runs Out

something is on my mind…help me find answers…

if one no longer has passion for the things one is doing, should one continue to do them out of a sense of duty?

e.g friendship, relationship, marriage, fellowship with God, fellowship in a particular church, fellowship with general Christians, fellowship with particular Christians, a particular career, a particular job, sex with a spouse, taking care of a good mother, taking care of a bad mother, blogging…

when is it OK to walk away when passion drys up? if its OK at all…

Not Built to Break!

I am listening to Whitney Houston’s new track “I didn’t know my own strength”.

This line has give me something to meditate on: I was not built to break.

I am proud of Whitney. She used to be my god-mother. Still is. I once wrote her a four-page letter when i was much younger. A letter i never sent. Lol.

I used to pray for her. I am glad my prayers were answered. I pray that the glory of her latter house be greater than the former.

Whitney was not built to break. The Christian is nt built to break. I am not built to break. Enough said.

One Post At A Time

I have almost forgotten the beauty of blogging. Life interrupted me. But thanks to my best blog buddy, Pea, who keeps reminding me i still have a story to tell.

Besides the rush hour that my life has become since my latest promotion, maybe another reason i don’t blog as often, is the fact that the current rhythm of my life has not exactly been a song-and-dance. More like a Capella.

It feels like I am presently at a place where i am walking beside still waters. And yes, i do feel like it is He leading me beside the still waters. Yet there is a silence that is lonesome. And that unnerves me a little.

I guess I can only live one day at a time, one post at a time.

More…plus other randoms

1. Recently i have been wanting more. More than what i feel/think/believe God has given me. Is that good or bad?

2. i miss doing real time with paula, my first blog friend.

3. i love miss attractive. but like Tyler Perry said, maybe i have fallen in love with someone who was only supposed to teach me something.

4. i want my hunger and thirst for righteousness like i had it back in my university days.

5. i want to go sky-diving.

6. i want to get married.

7. i want to make love.

8. i want more of everything.