#ConversationsWithGod: accommodate the process

I said:

so whats up god? you just interrupted me in the middle of researching material for my essay assignment on Monday. what’s on your mind?


Remember when i told you that it was important for you to go through the process or else you will inadvertently jeopardize the endgame? i want to remind you that it is important to go through the process. i am a god of process. i never circumvent details. because everything i create is tied to something else i will create. the universe is like one big string. every atom is significant because every other atom is dependent on it. no matter how insignificant you think your existence or role is, there is a thread in existence that is dependent on your being. if you skip a step, you short circuit a process. that is why it is critically important that you walk in step with me. when i created earth, there were details i put into place that are not recorded in the book of books. those details are what your scientists are discovering today, and they haven’t even scratched the surface. but as you can tell from their discoveries, everything is interconnected. there are no loose ends in my creation. there is nothing purposeless that i have created. you must accommodate the process of your overflow. knowing this will keep you in my peace bubble.


#ConversationsWithGod: Come Up Hither

I said:

dear god, i am giddy. the word you woke me up with this morning – come up hither. it was ringing in my spirit until dawn, and then i saw it. and i smiled. you can be sneaky sometimes, you know. yes i know, i have been dancing with doubt lately. will there ever be a time on this side of eternity when we have absolute faith and trust in your goodness to us? anyways, i am here, to say, i got the memo. and i am excited. thank you.


yes my child, i invite you to come up hither. i am giddy with you too. we have much we will do together. let me repeat what i told you beforewe have work to do. your season of overflow is guaranteed because i have already completed my part. your role is to be rightly positioned for all that i have spoken over you to be unveiled. you are coming into a season of shifting. a shifting out of place and into place. you will need to be prepared. you will need to increase your mental and spiritual capacity.  because the overflow will demand from you the solution to everyone’s problem. i will reveal this strategy to you on a need to know basis, and that is why you cannot afford to be out of range.

it has been written. it has been done. You, just Be.

#ConversationsWithGod: ask and receive

I said:

wow. church this morning was intense for me, god. it felt like you were screaming in my ears. i have been asking you what to do about the series of events that have been happening, and today in church, it felt like you took a boombox right to my ears. i feel quickened, and i sense that this is what you want me to do. but it is scary. and it is not really my first choice. but i cannot deny that you have made a very persuading argument this morning. so here i am, alone with you now, just to check in with you again. you know, its funny that even angela’s story also has a parallel to mine. you’ve got my attention. is this what you really want me to do? 


times and season, ayomipo. i have told you that everything has its time and season. you were anxious before because everything was calm. but now the tide is turning. now is time to fight for what you want. fight not because you want it, but because i have given it to you.  you were reading the story about daniel yesterday, remember how he always asked for what he wanted – he asked for a different diet, he asked for a time-out with the king, he asked me to tell him Neb’s dream; he asked for his friends to be hired to top management. daniel always asked – you know why? because i told him what i had given him. and today, you listened to caleb’s story – he too asked for what i had given him. what have i given you ayomipo? ask and you shall receive for it is my good pleasure to give you all that you need. this is the time of shifting that i told you about.

#ConversationsWithGod: coded algorithm

I said:

i am afraid, god. 


why would you fear when you have me on your team? the reason you fear is because you forget. you forget my track record. you fail to remember that where you are now has nothing to do with what you did. it is futile to fear. fear only robs you of the joy and peace that i have freely given you. everytime i spoke to your predecessors in the bible i told them to fear not. why have you not learned from them? fear not, ayomipo. fear not, because i am the algorithm by which you exist. everything that your tablet does is what it has been programmed to do. rememeber back in the days when you wrote code? you created the instructions that controlled the outcomes. my instuctions for you were coded from before you were conceived. i am not trying to save you; you were already saved. i am not trying to rescue you; you were already rescued. i am not trying to bless you; you were already blessed.  

#ConversationsWithGod: surrender control

I said:

I trust you God. But sometimes it’s unsettling not knowing the details. I want to see the blueprint of how everything works out.

And God Said:

How can you say you trust me when you question my ability? I know your need to be in control but do you realize that you cannot control what you do not understand? Remember this line from your fave movie Dr strange – To gain control you must first surrender control? the moment you cast yourself on me, the moment you gain control of you. Think of how swimming works – you can only float when you surrender to the water.

#ConversationsWithGod: sure rewarder

I said:

l am almost asleep but I sense you have something to tell me. speak lord l am listening.


I am working for your good. You may not see it now but soon it will appear and then you will Understand why these things are happening. The promise I gave to you is sure. It will not be Unfulfilled. Get ready to experience what you have never experienced before, its a new thing that l am bringing you into. It is the season of the new and you shall overflow in what I Will bring to you. Your days ahead are bright. You must walk with me and remain in me. I am your sure rewarder.

#ConversationsWithGod: faith in goodness

I said:

So strange things are happening in my environment. while they are disturbing I am also wondering if I am supposed to be discerning the times. do these things point to potential or pitfall? how can I be circumspect about these things? i am afraid that I am going into overthink mode. this is where I wish you could just paint me a picture that is as clear as crystal. what say you, god?


Faith is the evidence of things hoped for. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Have I not told you that there is not a day that you will face that I have not already seen? Nothing takes me by surprise. I do not reveal all to you at once because Knowledge should be progressive. When you know more than you need you jeopardise the endgame. Because you inadvertently skip the process necessary for the endgame.

You are my child. I have good plans for you. plans that are move valuable than what you hope for yourself. My goodness is following you all the days of your life. This is what your faith should cling to. My goodness is the guarantee of all that you hope for yourself. Have faith in my goodness.

#ConversationsWithGod: arise and overflow

I said:

dear god, i want to sing to you:

arise, arise, arise, arise, take your place, be enthroned, on my praise,

one thing i ask of you, one thing that i desire,

that as i worship you, lord  come and change my life,

arise, arise, arise, arise, take your place, be enthroned, on my praise,

arise, king of king, holy god,  arise as i sing, arise


I rose from the grave so that in your life i can remain risen if you let me. because i dwell inside of you, there is always a river of living water overflowing the boundaries of your being. this overflow permeates everything that you are involved in. this overflow leaves in its wake excellence that cannot be ignored or overlooked. 2018 is your season of recognizable overflow, an overflow that the world will recognise in you and of you. remain in my word  and the daystar will always arise for you. i love you.

#ConversationsWithGod: continually becoming

I said:

today is bringing some good news god. thank you for the opportunities that are opening up. i pray that they blossom fully.


Everything will work out for your good. This is not wishful thinking. this is the law that governs the sphere of my children. in the same way that the earth became, because i spoke it, your victory is continually becoming, because i have spoken it.

#ConversationsWithGod: trust in me

I said:

I didn’t really like your response last night god. so thank you for waking me up to the facebook reminder of the excerpt i posted about joseph two years ago. it was reassuring to remember that, in joseph’s story also, you were intentional and loving – in the end – inspite of his questioning circumstances. that is comforting to remember. that helps to illustrate your big picture theory.


Let me sing you a song. It’s Lauren Diagle’s track, Trust in You. I will sing to you.

Let go of every single dream; lay each one down at my feet;

every moment of your wondering; never changes what i see;

you’re trying to win this war; your hands are weary, you need my rest;

i am the mighty warrior and king of your fight;

no matter what you face, i am by your side;

when i don’t move the mountains you need me to move;

when i don’t part the waters you wish you could walk through;

when i don’t give the answers as you you cry out to me;

i want you to trust in me; i know what tomorrow brings;

there is not a day ahead i have not seen; i am your life and breath;

i want you to want what i want and nothing less;

i am your strength and comfort; i am your steady hand; 

i am your firm foundation; i am the rock on which you stand;

my ways are always higher; my plans are always good;

theres not a place where you will go that i have not already stood;

trust in me.