I Won

I don’t have a digital camera so i can’t give you an exact picture, but this is an exact representation. I got an award from my office for being “Web Programmer of the Year 2007” in my sub-department. That is an exciting feeling for me, and makes me think that maybe this path God has… Read More I Won

Love Me Less

Some blogger who has taken up the task of talking against what other people believe about God, and the scriptures, did a post on the movie Evan Almighty. I once put a link to a post he did and apparently it got one of my very good blogger friend to walk a tightrope between what… Read More Love Me Less

5 Years After

I called my mom today, just to hear her voice, and let her hear my voice. She reminded me to give thanks to God. I asked, anything in particular. She said, did you forget? Today is December 11…it’s been 5 years. In deed, it is 5 years today since daddy passed on. We both thought… Read More 5 Years After


Jaycee tagged me for this.I dont know what is wierd about me but i will give this a shot. 1. i like to play good cop, bad cop with myself in my head. i also psychoanalyze myself.2. i can’t without my laptop.3. i always daydream of being a superhero saving a damsel in distress.4. i… Read More iWeirdo