Show some love peeps!

I’ll be 27 tomoro the 28th…


I’m not bothered to think of a title…

(9:01:04 PM) disgodkidd: welcome my valentine
(9:01:19 PM) YD: hey!
(9:01:33 PM) YD: hw was ur day
(9:01:52 PM) disgodkidd: was ok, tot of u all day…
(9:02:05 PM) YD: really?
(9:02:07 PM) disgodkidd: prep candlelight dinner for u
(9:02:29 PM) YD: cyber dinner enh
(9:02:40 PM) disgodkidd: lol….yeah…u get it
(9:02:50 PM) disgodkidd: so bring out ur cutlery
(9:02:55 PM) YD: k
(9:02:57 PM) disgodkidd: but wait….a kiss b4 dinner
(9:03:24 PM) YD: wat movie did u c dt in?
(9:03:35 PM) disgodkidd: lol…boy meets girl….lol
(9:03:47 PM) YD: i write the rules of dis game
(9:03:53 PM) disgodkidd: ha ha….
(9:04:01 PM) YD: and dis is not a movie
(9:04:13 PM) disgodkidd: so wat do i do? direct the game? well i cn always skip the rules i dnt like
(9:04:21 PM) disgodkidd: and slip in those i do like
(9:04:34 PM) YD: k
(9:04:57 PM) YD: say a prayer always b4
(9:05:01 PM) YD: dina!
(9:05:08 PM) disgodkidd: sure…..after the kiss….
(9:05:15 PM) disgodkidd: greet each other with a holy kiss
(9:05:20 PM) disgodkidd: greetings come first u know
(9:05:26 PM) YD: seek ye 1st d kingdom
(9:05:46 PM) disgodkidd: wat is this? the scritures are not supposed to be used against ourselves
(9:05:51 PM) disgodkidd: but on the enemy
(9:06:03 PM) YD: really
(9:06:23 PM) disgodkidd: anyway….am glad u were my val….even though u gave me a few hrs of concern
(9:06:24 PM) YD: iron sharpenet iron
(9:06:29 PM) disgodkidd: i agree…..
(9:06:34 PM) disgodkidd: no contest….
(9:06:39 PM) YD: concern?
(9:06:51 PM) disgodkidd: well, called and called and callled
(9:07:04 PM) YD: sorry about dt realy
(9:07:06 PM) disgodkidd: tot someone had hijacked my val
(9:07:23 PM) YD: yea mayb dts wat happened!
(9:07:36 PM) disgodkidd: hmm……u owe me then….
(9:07:46 PM) YD: wat?
(9:07:46 PM) disgodkidd: u were mine offficially for today remmebre?
(9:08:05 PM) disgodkidd: so u owe me a few hrs then….our val carroes over till tomoro
(9:08:18 PM) YD: no deal!
(9:08:32 PM) disgodkidd: i’ll sue u for breech of contract then
(9:08:54 PM) YD: u 4got 2 giv me d terms of contract yest
(9:09:05 PM) YD: ur fault!
(9:09:14 PM) disgodkidd: lol…..u really fight hard….
(9:09:22 PM) YD: told u
(9:09:25 PM) disgodkidd: ok, no courtroom…we’ll settle outside court
(9:09:29 PM) disgodkidd: am asking for…..
(9:09:32 PM) YD: lol
(9:09:39 PM) disgodkidd: r u ready?
(9:10:00 PM) YD: make sure its nothing impossible
(9:10:09 PM) disgodkidd: define impossible….
(9:10:16 PM) disgodkidd: hv u 4gotte nothing is impossble to a believer?
(9:10:33 PM) YD: thats in context
(9:10:47 PM) disgodkidd: yeah,,,the context of bengh born again
(9:10:52 PM) disgodkidd: and in ths case we both are
(9:11:01 PM) YD: yea yea
(9:11:15 PM) YD: so wat is it
(9:11:23 PM) disgodkidd: r u ready?
(9:11:26 PM) disgodkidd: ready ready?
(9:11:34 PM) YD: i tink so
(9:11:40 PM) disgodkidd: brace urself then….
(9:11:53 PM) YD: hav my seat belt on
(9:13:10 PM) disgodkidd: YD hw would u like to take our friendship to the next level?
(9:13:52 PM) YD: wat exactly is the next level
(9:15:14 PM) disgodkidd: am interested in a serious relationship with you.
(9:16:19 PM) YD: dnt u tink our relationship is already serious? wel i tink we r serious friends
(9:16:29 PM) YD: if u dnt
(9:16:55 PM) disgodkidd: hmmm…..u r going to make me work real hard for this arent u?
(9:17:05 PM) YD: lol
(9:17:18 PM) YD: not my intension trust me
(9:18:24 PM) disgodkidd: ok, i did say i was a little rusty arnd the edges so do bear wit me…i agree we hav a great friendship, which is why i believe we should build on that friendship
(9:18:52 PM) disgodkidd: into smething more intimate…
(9:19:13 PM) YD: well…
(9:19:48 PM) YD: i tink am confortable wit d way our relationship is
(9:20:13 PM) YD: takin it a step further mite get tins a little complicated
(9:20:20 PM) disgodkidd: hw so?
(9:20:27 PM) disgodkidd: explain it to me like am a 2yr old pls….
(9:20:55 PM) YD: gues u r also goin to make dis hard 4 me
(9:21:02 PM) disgodkidd: tit for tat
(9:21:18 PM) YD: well
(9:21:27 PM) YD: well
(9:21:30 PM) YD: well
(9:21:40 PM) disgodkidd: ha ha…..intersting explanation
(9:21:47 PM) disgodkidd: but am listenng…
(9:21:52 PM) YD: looking 4 the rite words
(9:21:59 PM) disgodkidd: take ur time….av got al night
(9:22:02 PM) YD: wel
(9:22:07 PM) YD: wel
(9:22:09 PM) disgodkidd: lol
(9:22:21 PM) YD: am
(9:22:21 PM) YD: am
(9:22:22 PM) YD: am
(9:22:43 PM) disgodkidd: gees! do u need hanky?
(9:22:49 PM) YD: brb
(9:22:55 PM) disgodkidd: no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(9:23:10 PM) disgodkidd: u dnt get the liberty to run away
(9:25:42 PM) disgodkidd: u switched off ur phone too?
(9:25:47 PM) disgodkidd: not fair at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(9:25:59 PM) disgodkidd: am a patient man though….am right here….
(9:27:21 PM) YD: did not run away
(9:27:30 PM) disgodkidd: ha!
(9:27:31 PM) YD: went to get the door
(9:27:36 PM) disgodkidd: hmm
(9:27:49 PM) YD: and then went to get the dogs food ready
(9:27:55 PM) disgodkidd: hmm hmm
(9:28:03 PM) YD: yea hmm
(9:28:29 PM) YD: so my phone is of
(9:28:37 PM) Ayo Edinger: i just tried it
(9:28:45 PM) YD: dnt even no where it is
(9:28:54 PM) Ayo Edinger: u need help there…
(9:29:01 PM) Ayo Edinger: theres a reason its called a mobile u know
(9:29:02 PM) YD: really
(9:29:16 PM) YD: i guess so
(9:29:25 PM) Ayo Edinger: yes…i guess so….
(9:29:30 PM) Ayo Edinger: well?????????
(9:29:38 PM) YD: k
(9:29:51 PM) YD: i was tryin 2 say sometin
(9:29:56 PM) YD: where was i?
(9:30:10 PM) Ayo Edinger: something abt hw u were really into me
(9:30:17 PM) YD: lol
(9:30:23 PM) YD: hahah
(9:30:35 PM) YD: now seriously
(9:30:39 PM) Ayo Edinger: seriosuly
(9:30:54 PM) YD: emmm…..
(9:31:03 PM) YD: ok ok
(9:31:39 PM) YD: i just dnt feel we shd take it a step further
(9:31:48 PM) YD: i like it the way it is
(9:32:08 PM) YD: simply friends
(9:32:26 PM) YD: i have never seen us any other way
(9:32:38 PM) YD: no harm ment!
(9:32:47 PM) YD: u still there?
(9:32:52 PM) Ayo Edinger: am here
(9:33:02 PM) YD: k
(9:33:19 PM) Ayo Edinger: wow…every man’s night mare…
(9:33:25 PM) YD: so pls try to understand
(9:33:39 PM) Ayo Edinger: jumping off a cliff and finding out theres no safety net
(9:33:55 PM) Ayo Edinger: sure. its ok, i guess
(9:34:02 PM) YD: ure a touf guy! ull survive
(9:34:19 PM) YD: thanks 4 understanding
(9:34:19 PM) Ayo Edinger: ha ha….sometimes touf guys need a touf woman behind them
(9:34:29 PM) Ayo Edinger: i never said i understood….
(9:34:33 PM) Ayo Edinger: i just ok, i guess
(9:34:40 PM) YD: ul get 1 in Jesus name
(9:34:46 PM) Ayo Edinger: lol….
(9:35:05 PM) Ayo Edinger: thats a consolation…
(9:35:29 PM) YD: u are smooth, easy,….
(9:35:40 PM) YD: just give it time trust me
(9:35:48 PM) Ayo Edinger: give u time?
(9:35:52 PM) Ayo Edinger: or give it time?
(9:35:53 PM) YD: IT
(9:35:56 PM) Ayo Edinger: lol
(9:36:37 PM) YD: hav i eva told u thanx 4
(9:36:49 PM) YD: being my friend!
(9:37:00 PM) YD: thnx
(9:37:05 PM) Ayo Edinger: am glad to be ur friend ifejola
(9:37:06 PM) Ayo Edinger: always
(9:37:21 PM) YD: enuf mushy mushy pls
(9:37:26 PM) YD: ok am
(9:37:33 PM) Ayo Edinger: lol….
(9:37:39 PM) YD: am wat?
(9:37:56 PM) Ayo Edinger: u tell me
(9:38:24 PM) YD: i tink dis is usually a blank
(9:38:28 PM) YD: moment
(9:38:30 PM) Ayo Edinger: lol….
(9:38:39 PM) Ayo Edinger: i think so too…am on auto-pilot right now
(9:38:48 PM) YD: lol
(9:39:06 PM) YD: mayb well jst talk some oda time
(9:39:18 PM) Ayo Edinger: why?
(9:39:19 PM) YD: let me giv u time to rub it in
(9:39:27 PM) Ayo Edinger: this doesnt change anytin btw us does it?
(9:39:39 PM) Ayo Edinger: worse tha rejeection is losing a friend u know
(9:39:45 PM) YD: nope not at all
(9:39:59 PM) YD: yea i knw
(9:40:09 PM) YD: dnt worry ill stil b ur
(9:40:19 PM) YD: favourite cheer leader
(9:40:34 PM) YD: got to giv d dog his food
(9:40:38 PM) Ayo Edinger: i smile…
(9:40:40 PM) YD: brb
(9:40:41 PM) Ayo Edinger: thnks
(9:40:42 PM) Ayo Edinger: ok
(9:51:25 PM) Ayo Edinger: did u leave me ?
(9:52:26 PM) YD: still there?
(9:52:36 PM) Ayo Edinger: right here valentine
(9:52:43 PM) YD: lol
(9:52:59 PM) YD: good
(9:53:05 PM) YD: valentine
(9:53:16 PM) Ayo Edinger: so where u been?
(9:53:27 PM) YD: told u
(9:53:39 PM) YD: went 2 give the dog his food
(9:53:40 PM) Ayo Edinger: ah,,,,i was licking my wounds
(9:53:49 PM) Ayo Edinger: 4got
(9:53:51 PM) YD: eya
(9:53:54 PM) Ayo Edinger: lol
(9:54:04 PM) YD: hope u licked them dry
(9:54:23 PM) Ayo Edinger: lol….very funny
(9:54:35 PM) YD: dnt worry ul get over it really soon
(9:54:45 PM) YD: got to go ayo
(9:55:02 PM) Ayo Edinger: ok, ifejola. thanks for being my val
(9:55:05 PM) Ayo Edinger: andmy cheerleader
(9:55:06 PM) YD: hope ive bin a gud valentine
(9:55:13 PM) Ayo Edinger: and my bosom friend
(9:55:24 PM) YD: no problem!
(9:55:32 PM) Ayo Edinger: well….i’ll think abt that
(9:55:34 PM) YD: takia of u always
(9:55:39 PM) Ayo Edinger: will do.
(9:55:41 PM) Ayo Edinger: and u too
(9:55:49 PM) YD: wait
(9:55:50 PM) Ayo Edinger: good nite
(9:55:53 PM) Ayo Edinger: ok
(9:55:57 PM) YD: tink about wat
(9:56:08 PM) Ayo Edinger: abt whetehr u were a good val or not?
(9:56:14 PM) YD: ok
(9:56:35 PM) Ayo Edinger: i’ll let u know when i make up my mind
(9:56:52 PM) YD: gud nite then godkidd
(9:56:55 PM) Ayo Edinger: can i ask u smthg?
(9:57:04 PM) YD: k
(9:57:10 PM) Ayo Edinger: did u suspect this?
(9:57:43 PM) YD: 😕
(9:57:48 PM) YD: hmmm
(9:58:05 PM) YD: yea,i guess so
(9:58:10 PM) Ayo Edinger: really?
(9:58:16 PM) Ayo Edinger: hw?
(9:58:19 PM) YD: yes really
(9:58:32 PM) YD: we girls we knw dis tins
(9:58:36 PM) Ayo Edinger: lol….
(9:58:40 PM) Ayo Edinger: interesting
(9:58:43 PM) Ayo Edinger: ok
(9:58:51 PM) Ayo Edinger: goodnite ifejola
(9:59:01 PM) YD: sleep tite
(9:59:04 PM) YD: bye
(9:59:22 PM) Ayo Edinger: bye

What are you up to God?

Valentine’s Eve. And i got me a val. a real one too. Guess who? She of this post. in very non-coincidental circumstances. i was supposed to be at home, which meant no internet access. she rarely ever comes online, but she did tonight. I don’t have her new messenger id, and she decided to add me this particular night. we chatted for over an hour and so, and she agreed to be my val.

Hmmm….God what have you got up your sleeve?

Cheerleaders Unite….

Okay cheerleaders, i need you. Being the loner i am i dont know enough people to pull this off. So i need you guys to spread the word to all your naija contacts based in naija. just copy and paste this in a mail to all of them, and you would have saved more than a life.

I know that many of us will be planning a lovely outing on Thursday – Valentine’s Day, but I am hoping that we will also remember those that cannot enjoy the things we
take for granted like walking…dancing…using our hands and even fingers.

The Octopus Events is currently subsidizing the prices for Dominion Honey’s 75 cl bottled honey(sealed and branded). The current price is N870, of which 5% is going to be donated to Hearts of Gold Children Hospice and Orphanage, Ikeja, Lagos state.

Hearts of Gold Chilren’s Hospice is the first children’s hospice and respite care facility in Nigeria. The house opened it does in October 2003 in response to a
steadily increasing number of abandoned and orphaned sick children suffering from a vast range of illnesses. These illnesses have the potential to end their lives in a
matter of days, weeks, months or sometimes years. For each of theses children with a terminal of like limiting illnesses, the hospice offers comfortable, caring and loving environment as there may well be all too few tomorrow.

Hearts of Gold provides respite support, palliative care (comfort and pain management) and end-of-life care for children with life-threatening and terminating illnesses. The house isn’t a place of sadness and despair. Their website –

Please log into this opportunity to help others. For every 75cl (medium EVA bottle equivalent) bottle of Dominion honey you buy, you are donating about N45 to
this worthy cause! Spread the word!

Order now Mail
Dayo =,

Will you?…

I have a post in mind since it’s the season of love….chronicles of my “love stories”…i hope i get the chance to put it up….meanwhile, ok, lemme just say blurt it out….

“Will you be my Val? Yes, YOU!”

On other matters, oh how wonderful it is to sleep in your own mattress in an apartment three times bigger than your former apartment, and just lounge around all weekend, watching denzel washington on my laptop, as opposed to a white-walled, laptop-filled, code-crunching folks at odd hours office…

Bad News is Good News…

the disappointing news i had to deal with recently is that the loan application for renting my new apartment was not approved.

the miracle is i already moved into the new apartment…

he he…sometimes, God just cracks me up…who moves into a new apartment without paying a dime…IN LAGOS, NIGERIA?

now, the million dollar question is “will i get thrown out of the apartment?”

so, what do y’all think?

i would love to give details but it’s 2am and i have some office work to complete before sane hours, so later people….

PS: pray with me….

Strike One…

i got disappointing news this evening. after a moment of depression, trying to ignore the fact, sleeping it away, browsing my blog cheerleaders for encouragement and inspiration and unable to tell God exactly just what i was feeling at the moment…He answered my unspoken emotions at 5.40am.

“Son, it’s going to be okay.”