Proverbs 2v7

there is so much i can, and would love to say about the scripture above, especially the way NIV puts it. (and yes i understand the discrepancies in some translations, but i checked up the root Hebrew word for “sound wisdom” – “tushiyah” and it correlates) but i will resist the temptation to clothe this precious truth in the beauty of prose, for in its simplicity and nakedness, it speaks so very loud and clear.

Proverbs 2v7: He holds victory in store for the upright…

y’all know it is revelation such as this that puts a jig in my steps…meanwhile i am thanking god for my new dell laptop that will allow me more liberty to blog…and live. but like paul, i have learnt in whatever state i am(laptopless, temporarily) to be independent of circumstances.


prayer request

i don’t know who else besides esteri and paula, and recently zack, reads my blog…a while back it was starting to get to me that very few comments are made on my writings…but then while reading some of paula’s old writings i came to realise that it’s not so much about whether anyone comments on not…this blog for so many others may be just a socializing and fun thing to do, but for those of us who have been drafted into god’s army, we know that our army commander has this uncanny knack of using even our most unintentional deed for the display of his splendor…little wonder he calls us a royal priesthood…our lives are an offering unto him…so i have come to the conclusion that even though my stay on blog world is directly influenced by my two web angels, esteri and paula, in god’s own mysterious way, this blog will now, or in the near future, make a difference in another soldier’s life. and so i pledge to keep blogging…as long as is necessary.

but i almost digress. i have been away from my blog for a while, and it’s not because i have been busy. but i have had first hand experience of paula’s entry on her dependence on cell phones. for me, its my laptop. i didn’t realize until recently how dependent i have come to be on my laptop. everything about me is in there. and i have spent the last few days in total mourning. because my laptop is faulty and i haven’t been able to use it.

bottom line, i need to get another dell laptop. more than being a priority to my job as a web programmer, it is the essence of my daily living. it is my office, my tutorials, my jukebox, my movie player, my bible, my writing board…practically my world…which is what i named my harddrive…so presently my world has stoped rotating, and i feel so incapacitated. however, i cannot afford a laptop. this one came to me by a miracle. and now i am looking for another miracle. a suitable laptop for my needs will cost me about $1000 or 600pounds. converted, that is like my entire salary for five whole months . and yet, i need to have this laptop. i don’t know how, but i do not know that god has promised that he will not with-hold any good thing from me, and that whatsoever i ask in his name, believing, i will receive, so whoever you are that may read my blog, please pray with me that i get the money to buy myself a new laptop before the end of this month. it took me two years of believing to get my first laptop. three years later, i am readt to take on believing for a new laptop in a less than a month. so y’all pray with me, and if the lord lays it in your heart to sow a seed towards my laptop, then please do contact me on disgodkidd@yahoo.com or ayomipo@gmail.com or +234-805-7788020.

this is the confidence we have in aproaching god: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. and if we know that he hears us -whatever we ask-we know that we have what we asked of him. 1 john5v14-15