Waiting to Exhale

It came to the point where my mom actually refused to speak with me. Thanks to prayers from Pea and Jaycee, she is now speaking with me, even if she still sounds cold and grieved. Her only son seems to have neglected her. She encouraged him to serve the Lord because she knew about all the prophecies that had been spoken concerning him. But she didn’t think it would cost this much. Hmmm, i didn’t think it would cost this much. My mom is the most important person in the world to me. She is my everything, and she taught me in the way i should go which is why i have chosen the path of the Lord when it rips me apart to be neglecting her so.

Gen 37:34 Jacob mourned for Joseph a long time, and to show his sorrow he tore his clothes and wore sackcloth.

I will be going home soon – in a few days; my long overdue leave. It will be a deciding factor for me. I will have to choose. But i don’t care about now. All i long forward to is a break away from this work, from this calling, a time of rest and refreshment, a time to exhale.

Yes, i am waiting to exhale…


Brown Sugar

for those who asked for the reason behind Moments…

Just because i have the liberty to sleep in my best friends bed is not license for me to sleep with her. after working so hard to break down brick walls with someone who even had a problem with hugging, in an emotional context, four minutes of chemistry is not worth throwing away four years of trust and intimacy.

“Brown Sugar” is just a movie. Best friends can remain just best friends, irrespective of gender. Besides, i have my very own princess to rescue, and she deserves the purity of me.