Stepping Out

NOTE: This is one of my writings back in school when i published a newsletter for my fellowship. They stared at him. And he didn’t need the help of language to discern their thoughts. Crazy! Looney!! Spooked!!! Their stare spoke volumes. He didn’t blame them, couldn’t blame them. If the tables were turned and he… Read More Stepping Out

One Word Meme

A Meme – One Word Responses1. Yourself: Laidback2. Your partner: Searching3. Your hair: Black4. Your mother: Hero5. Your father: Helper6. Your favourite item: Laptop7. Your dream last night: None8. Your favourite drink: Fanta9. Your dream car: Jeep10. The room you are in: Small11. Your ex: None12. Your fear: Failure13. What you want to be in… Read More One Word Meme

Baby Steps

Coming back from a major spiritual low is for me presently a slow process. I say my prayers more often now, and it is no longer a series of accusations. I no longer lash out at God for his insistence at making a hero out of me. I no longer blame him for my inexperience… Read More Baby Steps