God’s gist

Whew! It’s over, finally. My church just rounded seven days of International Pastors and Partners Conference. I do not have a single idea what happened in the conference, because i was busy working backstage. mostly with the Awards Team, to ensure that everything happened in the conference. Now i know why Events Management folks make good money, trust me, putting together an event is no small task.

that said, i am still trying to unwind from the physical, mental and psychological toil this conference exerted from me, and will blog about some interesting things that have happened in my life recently. but until then, i thought i should share some excerpts from my little book where i jot down stuff God says to me…

…do not be intimidated by opposition. i create crisis and chaos for your advantage. your conquest will be seen in your conflict. don’t be deceived into going with the flow. dare to buck against the status quo, based on what i tell you. everything i will say to you will put you in opposition with the norm…(feb. 19, 2007)


30 days of thankfulness,,,Day 23

Join me in the Thankfulness Chain….if you’ve been tagged, please complete the tag on the assigned day example… if you’re tagged for November 21… that is day 21 and you should title your post 30 Days of Thankfulness – Day 21 provide a link to the person that tagged you previously Also provide a link to the two people that you’re tagging for the next day so we can all follow the chain… Do let them know they’re being tagged.. why they’re being tagged, and how to grow the chain if you’re unable to do the tag on your assigned day… still choose the day to reflect the date you do it (if you’re choosing not to back date it) …example… if you’re tagged for November 25 but dont get to do it till November 27… and you’re not back dating.. it’s okay to do it as Day 27 you can post these rules or something to this effect to help it along………………………………………………………………………..

I am spent, but i promised to do even a one-liner, so…

i am thankful God, that you have not given up on me yet…i know i would have given up on me long ago…

the rest will come shortly….

Dreams I Dream For You

Avalon – Dreams I Dream For You Lyrics

You taste the tears
You’re lost in sorrow
You see your yesterdays
I see tomorrow

You see the darkness
I see the spark
You know your failures
But I know your heart

The dreams I dream for you
Are deeper than the ones you’re clinging to
More precious than the finest things you knew
And truer than the treasures you pursue
Let the old dreams die
Like stars that fade from view
Then take the cup I offer
And drink deeply of
The dreams I dream for you

You see your shame
But I see your glory
You’ve read one page
I know the story

I hold a vision
That you’ll become
As you grow into the truth
As you learn to walk in love

Let the old dreams die
Like stars that fade from view
Then take the cup I offer
And drink deeply of
The dreams I dream for you

PS: Abba, i believe…i choose you…