I Recommend…

I am slowing getting my bounce back spiritually. I found great connection, comfort and answers in this book, The Gates of Zion, by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. You can get a copy from our online store

I recommend it to anyone who hits a spiritual rock bottom.

Testimony: Yesterday, I put to work the verse that says be anxious for nothing…make your request known to God…Today, the answer showed up.

New Life Lesson: God’s silence isn’t necessarily is absence. Sometimes His silence is deliberate to serves His purpose. God was silent on Jesus from age 12 to age 30. God was silent on Jacob when Joseph was “dead”.


I Miss Blogging

My dear dear friend asked me why i blog? I think i blog because am a writer. I don’t talk much but i have a lot of passion inside of me, so blogging is a way to express myself. Plus i know that i have a story to tell that someone can learn from. So i blog for myself. and i blog for someone.

I havent been blogging frequently because i am fighting the fight of my life. And truth be said, there is a lot of pain. I am in terrible spiritual low, and theres no point in writing words that are devoid of grace. Even if i could write, which i really can’t because like the say, he who is really pained has no words.

Anyway, i seem to be slowly rising from my rock bottom spiritual experience. I discovered one of my pastors books, The Gates of Zion, which pretty much epitomized my current spiritual state. You might want to buy a copy from our online store. http://www.christembassyonlinestore.org

Anyways, i miss blogging. I have been reading but i hope to start writing again pretty soon.


A Painful Truth

I cannot say exactly what i want to say.
Because of certain people who have become aware of this blog.

I no longer feel butterflies.

Jude 24.

It’s not just about Love.
I no longer feel butterflies.
I can no longer marry our Message with our Methods.
The enemy has gotten to me.