#ConversationsWithGod: pause and reboot

I said:

dear god, i knew you wanted to talk yesterday but i didn’t have time to listen. i woke up with a thought ringing in my spirit about “the goodness of god”, and i knew you wanted to tell me more about that but there was just so much to do.  sometimes, it is hard balancing quiet time with you and doing life. thank you for the on-going conversations we have outside our catch-up time. today also has been busy, and as night falls i know i should spend time with you, but i am behind with two weeks of lectures, and i am already getting tired and sleepy. anyways, i am here, wearied, but ready to listen.


i know. i know how it feels to be tired, to the point where you fall asleep working. i was tired too. and yes, life can be very demanding, but you must be disciplined enough to pause your world and reboot. without a reboot you will freeze up and get nothing useful done. the thing is you think that you need to do everything, so you try to do everything. remember that it is in me that you move and live and have your being. everything you are expected to do is what i call you to do. the rest is unimportant, and you need to learn to discern the important from the demanding.

let me give you an example, it was important for me to speak  vegetation into being so i spent a whole day creating vegetation; but it was not important for me to till the ground, so i waited until man was formed and he learned to till the ground for himself. the earth produced what man tilled, but it only happened because of what i spoke.  you don’t have to do everything; all you have to do are the important things. those things i will reveal to you as you spend time with me. like they say, work smart, not hard.

about yesterday, i wanted to tell you to focus on my goodness. i see that you are letting the undramatic days color your perspective. you must remember that i set a time for everything;  in between the times, you must focus on my goodness, it follows you all the days of your life and you must remain conscious of it. this is what will keep you in between the times.


#ConversationWithGod: live in fullness

I said:

i dont know how to feel about today. it was generally good but i am not excited. because i think that there is no longer color around me. it all seems like one big shade of grey. i feel impatient for the kaliedescope that you have shown me. i feel like we are craling when we should be sprinting. i want to be there now. i want to be challenged again. i want adventure…no scracth that your kind of adventure isn’t always fun. i need to be careful what i ask you for. so anyway like faceboook would ask, this is what’s on my mind. what about you?


Patience my child. hurry never produces anything worthwhile. by now you already know that i am deliberate about everything i do. when i created earth i didnt have to do it in 7 days, but i deliberately did it that long. because the length of days is necessary for the fullness of the vision i had for earth. it is the same for you. i do not hurridley frame your world, i painstakingly create the moments that will bring you the fullness of all i have envisioned for you. slow down. smell the roses i plant for you. i want you to live in the fullness of the moments i give to you. i want you to inhale the goodness that i spread out to you. i want you to be fully formed with nothing lacking.

#ConversationsWithGod: i am with you

I said:

she came again. and again she brings a heaviness and sadness with her. sometimes it gets really weary,  not knowing whether it makes sense to keep hope alive. we don’t think that you have forgotten, it’s just that the wait gets exhausting. 

And god said:

i know and i am sorry that it feels this way. my heart breaks that your heart breaks. i know you dont feel like hearing me tell you that i am with you in this. but i am.

#ConversationsWithGod: stay in range

I said:

i didn’t hear you. i could sense that you were talking, i just could not hear the words. but i am thankful that you never leave. i am here again, waiting to hear your words, i sense that you are talking, i am just straining to hear the words

And God said:

yes i am always talking to you. the only time you will not hear me is when you go out of range. do you remember how your bluetooth headphones work? you always need to be in range. there is always transmission, but you only get reception within a certain range. i will always reach out to you but you need to always remain in me to receive from me.

i love you. nothing ever changes that. but as long as you are out of range you will miss all i have to say to you.  

we have work to do. your season of overflow is guaranteed because i have already completed my part. your role is to be rightly positioned for all that i have spoken over you to be unveiled. you are coming into a season of shifting. a shifting out of place and into place. you will need to be prepared. you will need to increase your mental and spiritual capacity.  because the overflow will demand from you the solution to everyone’s problem. i will reveal this strategy to you on a need to know basis, and that is why you cannot afford to be out of range.

#ConversationsWithGod: a picture of my personality

I said:

The other day I was scared about the future. Today I am eager for the future. I want what you have for me now. I am excited at how giddy it will make me. I imagine the laughter that will bubble up inside of me when I unwrap my future. I am happy that you love me and want to give me good gifts.

how was your day? what was important to you today? What would you like me to do for you?

And God Said:

I laugh too when I picture your excitement. I smile when I see your face as you recognise the reason for the process. I know you want it all now. But you know better. You know that the joy set ahead is the reason you will explore and grow into your future. The blessing is mostly in the journey. The prize is just an acknowledgement that you have matured. I am eager to see you display the fullness of me.

today was good for me. everyday is good because I know the end. some moments make me sad when I see the damage that my children allow into their lives. one of the most frustrating things I face is wanting to fix my kids immediately. but I am bound by my love. I love them too much to short circuit their discovery of who they really are. 

what I want you to do for me is reflect me. be the picture of my personality. many of my kids are being confused because they cannot relate with the picture that religion is painting of me. it grieves me to think that the documented stories i inspired to guide my people to me is now being used by religion to push my people away from me. this is why I want you to be a picture of my personality. I am raising a generation of believers who will be my living word. Continue to live transparently. As you document your experiences with me I will magnify my name through you. Many will read of me through you. Many will come to me because of you. All I ask of you and everyone of my kids is for them to simply reflect me to the world. just like jesus was my express image. so also I have called all who believe to be my express image. the world is waiting for your manifestation.

on a sidenote, I know the desire of your heart. I am not ignorant of what you desperately desire. do not think that I have neglected you. my timing for you is precise. while you wait, do not forget to smell the roses. that is the easiest way to get through your wait. I love you. And I am good to you. Never forget that.

#ConversationsWithGod: the vine and the branch

I said:

God sometimes I am scared of what is ahead. I know you have good plans for me. I also know I have a role to play in those plans. I worry that I may not be up to the task. I worry that I may fail. And many times I feel analysis paralysis. like right now. please help me.

And God said:

I am the vine and you are the branch. Apart from me you can do nothing. But in me you can do all things. Because I strengthen you. Fear is not of me. A little anxiety is human. But paralysis is of the devil. It is that feeling that you should be the god of your life. but that responsibility is on me not on you. I made you god of the earth but I am the god of your life.

Again I tell you, smell the roses I give you today. Rejoice and explore the blessings I shower you today. Tomorrow is in me and that is your assurance that your tomorrow is secure.