“Many times we forget that all we really need to do is receive, because it is already the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom, and all that pertains unto life.” matthew ayomipo edinger.


Simply thankful for the house…

i just read about house hunting on Rita’s blog. I dont know how it makes me feel. rejoicing or resigning.

i have also been house hunting. and i have lost 2 “perfect” houses. until i saw this “perfectest” house. it is so beautiful. has a great balcony with the bestest view. while i was there today, another woman came and we were haggling for who got to the room first. i am faithing this apartment. blog buddies, pray with me. pls.

if i don’t get 419ed or if someone else does not pay cash over my post-dated cheque balance payment, then i should be moving into the apartment below