How do you know you are not going down the wrong road?

How do you know you have not misinterpreted what God said to you?

How did Joseph know he didn’t have to escape from slavery so he could fulfill God’s big plans for him?

How did Mordecai know letting Esther go for the beauty peageant was a right decision?

Why didn’t he hide her like Moses was hidden?

What’s the guarantee that your opinion of living by faith is not really living in error?

Why didn’t God console Jacob while he mourned Joseph?


What To Do?!

My mom just called me a few minutes ago. In tears.

What would you do when God calls you and your Mom needs her only child?

This is the question that stares me in the face. The question i have been trying to avoid for the past two years of working in the ministry.

I can not give more details because it involves more than myself.

God, give me courage.

A lil’ Disconnected

Lately, I have been feeling a little disconnected, a little incomplete. I think I know what David meant when he said “my heart pants after God…”. I am panting for something, someone. I spoke in tongues this evening. I haven’t done that in too long. I didn’t want to stop. But I stopped. I know what this is…I miss God. I miss the Holy Spirit. My days have gotten so busy, so crowded. My fellowship has become more microwave, and less passionate. I seem to be trading my walk with God for my work for God. I need to stop. To stand still. To listen again. To remember the intimacy. So help me God.

He restoreth my soul…

Just Babbling…

okay, i admit i just heard the term alter ego from the DVD heroes, so i had to use it ASAP. And since, it sort of makes sense that i should write something, here’s some bits and pieces. my writing cap is not on right now, so this may come out all un-writer-like.

first, the silence of the land. half of our staff didn’t show up today. and during today’s service 3/4 of the church didn’t turn up. because the land has gone to sleep, courtesy of the labor union strike to protest against the fuel hike in the country.

i was able to take a few minutes to get my head out of my computer and look at the streets. they were deserted. for a lagos industrial street, that’s serious. you could actually take a nap of the road without fear of being run over. there was no fuel to run the cars, and the few public transport had cutthroat fares people just didn’t bother. i might want to add at this point that it is another reason to throw thanks upwards that i live just across the road from where i work. so fuel scarcity and price hike has no effect on me. well, sort of. the restaurants might soon close up. that would be a bother.

moving on, i am happy to annouce that i have joined the DVD watching community. yeah, i know. i have lived under a rock all my life. one of the good things of losing my former laptop to the muggers is that my new laptop has a DVD rom, so i am now officially a DVD watcher. and nope i didnt pick smallville, or prison break or desperate housewives or all the others i have heard or read about. my high school mates wouldn’t be surprised. they always thought i was eccentric. well, i picked HEROES. the complete first season, except for the last three episodes but i can’t complain considering i am contributing to piracy. anyways. i am so loving this drama, it reminds of me of one of my earlier posts ET – the original. every night, i take out an hour to indulge myself. just completed episode 11 tonite, and 7 more to go.

oh by the way, i am now officially a blog veteran. i joined blog world june 18, 2006. so that means i am one year old. hurray.

i also recently had a virtual breakup with the girl i have been wooing for over four years, right from my first year in university. she’s pissed cos i can’t get it into my thick head that she can only be my friend. so we said goodbye – one more time. until the next time. lol. for some uncanny reason, we just bond even in our disagreement. oh by the way, she is my “mother in the lord” as paul would say. she taught me the basics about faith and brought me into the ministry. so if it wasn’t for her, i probably would not be sitting in this office now. maybe that’s why i think she’s also meant to grow old with me. oh well, love is a complex thing.

okay, i think i have blabbed long enough. this blogging thin seems to have gotten a little dry, but i hope to catch the fire again soon.

thanks people for sharing my life and letting me share your lives.

The Attraction

Abba Father, help me to be conscious that walking with you is worth more than walking with the world. Help me be conscious that the glory you give is worth more than the glory the world gives. Help me realize that it pays to be on your team, inspite of the attraction of the world.