Something To Shout About

How precious are your thoughts concerning me, O God! How vast in number they are!
If I try to count them, there would be more of them than there are grains of sand.
Psalm 139v17-18

Discovering blogs by Nigerians was quite a thrill for me. I have been amused, impressed, challenged, and finally proud to be Nigerian – no, not just because of a couple of blogs but that is a story for another day.

One thing that inspired me in some of the blogs I have discovered was a series by LondonBuki which she tagged “Mummy Monday” dedicated to extolling her mom. At this point, I would like to say a word of prayer for LondonBuki’s mom. If you ever discover my blog, you don’t know I read yours, but I am touched by your affection for your mother and my prayer is that God will perfect all that concerns her health, in Jesus name.

Well, following in the footsteps of LondonBuki’s series, I am starting mine which I will call “STSA – Something to Shout About”. This is a post that will pick a portion of scripture that speaks of the “riches of the glory of [God’s] inheritance [for Christians]”. See, I have come to realize that a lot of Christians are stuck in a portrait of God’s word. For many, they do not understand that the picture in the frame has leaped out and is now present with us in full glorious color. As they say, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. In the same way, the experiencing of the jubilee is in the celebration.

Today, my shouting scripture is from Psalm 139v17-18. See this is a portion of God’s word that should not remain on the written pages. It wasn’t meant to be black ink on white paper. It was an acknowledgement of David. Now, it is my acknowledgement. God is actually making plans for me, not just small plans, not just big plans, but WOW plans, VALUABLE plans, PRECIOUS plans; plans that began before the foundation of the world and are still playing out day by day, Plans that are so many I couldn’t count them all; that’s like a really, really long to-do list on how to keep me on top of the charts.

See with this information, I never have to worry another day of my life. I never have to fret another second, or ponder or wonder. There’s a Royal Plan in the workings for my life, backed by Royal Treasury. Fully insured; financed and furnished. It don’t matter what comes at me, see there are PRECIOUS THOUGHTS to turn things for me. It don’t matter who don’t like me, there are MEGA PLANS to put me over. It don’t matter how low I start out, there are VALAUBLE RESOURCES to take me to the heights.

Definitely something to shout and dance about.


Reality Check #2

About three days ago, I got an annoying reality check. You know, it’s really easy for us to say we believe God and trust in his word when all is well and good. But the true test of faith is not in the good days, but in the bad days – when bad news hits.

The first sign that something was wrong was the incessant barking of the dogs in the estate; they just wouldn’t quit. That was what woke me. Then the shrill whistle sounded. Normally, the security in the estate announce their presence and activity by banging on a huge metal in front of our house. But this night they were sounding their whistles. A few minutes later, the gunshots sounded. That got me out of bed. By then I was sure something was wrong. And I immediately lost all sleep and went into prayer mode.

I wish I could say I was praying with confidence, but I can’t. I was praying out of fear, and though I was declaring the word of God over my premises and the entire estate, it wasn’t a declaration of faith.

The gunshots went on for almost an hour or two. The dogs never stopped barking, and the whistle kept blowing. I wasn’t sure at this time who was blowing the whistle, security or robbers. My ears were on alert for the slightest sound, and to worsen things ever faithful PHCN had decided that was the best night to with-hold power.

Fortunately, there was no incident. Later I gathered robbers ha actually tried to get into the estate, but the security had spotted them and alerted one of the neighbors. It was him who had been firing the shots to scare away the robbers.

I instantly decided that I was going to spend the next night in the office. Of course, it was the last Friday of the month and we had a vigil in church, which also happens to be my office, so I had an excuse to stay the night. But I know the truth, and it got me thinking.

If I truly believe in God and his good plans for me, why can’t I believe in his ability to protect me? Could it because of the fact that I had once had an encounter with robbers before? Did that mean I was going to allow my past experience override the truth of God’s word? I am writing this post on Saturday night, my second night away from home since the incident. Of course, I could say that I have office work to round up and I always attend the very first service in church. But when will I be able to sleep in my home again? When will I trust God’s ability to protect me over robber’s ability to harm me? When will I believe in Psalm 91 more than believe in Previous Experience?

I need to work on my believing.

Lesser Truth, Greater Truth

Yesterday in church Pastor Chris started a new series of teaching called “Functioning in the Name of Jesus”. And one of the things I picked up is what I would like to share today.

When I was in high school I was taught something in the line of x + 1 = y, where x and y are two different numbers. And that equation worked for me all through my math classes even through to university. It’s a truth that has been tested and proven, and is now set as part of our school curriculum. However, when I started learning about Computer Programming, I discovered that in programming language x + 1 = x.

There are two things I could do: I could inform my programming lecturer that he was very wrong about that equation because in math class I had been taught otherwise, and my not flunking math exams was due to my ability to reproduce that truth.

Or I could admit that my lecturer knew exactly what he was saying and apply myself to studying this new truth. Not a contradiction to what I had learnt in high school, but a greater truth. A different law in operation. Just like the law of gravity compels everything that goes up to come down; the law of lift allows everything that goes up to stay up.

The principle is the same in the spiritual. There are things in scripture that are true. But there are other things in scripture that are equally true. The difference is not a contradiction; rather, a case of lesser truth, greater truth.

Like when scripture says “Jesus was the only begotten of the father…” John 1v14. A total truth; but then, a lesser truth. Because Hebrew 1v6 tells us “… he brings in the first begotten into the world…” And Revelations 1v5 says
“… Jesus Christ, … the first begotten of the dead…”.

So it comes down to which truth we live by. We could either live by the fact that Jesus is the only son of God, or we could live by the fact that Jesus is the first son of God, and I am the next.

This revelation then changes every aspect of my life, and my daily victories are no longer a function of what God will do for me, but an acknowledgement of what God has done for me.

I can choose to believe that God will heal me because I know Isaiah 53v5: “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” Or I can choose to never ever be sick because I know Isaiah 33v24: “And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick…”.

Call From An Angel

Now more than ever I am a believer in Prophecy.

I was about to put up an entry for today, when my cell phone rang and a strange number appeared on the screen…an international number. There are only two people i know abroad, my uncle in New York and my ex-school mate in the UK. I wasn’t expecting a call from either, and the number blinking on my cellphone didn’t look like any they used.

I picked up the phone.
Me: hello?
Female Voice: Hi, I was just going through your blog, and i was excited to actually see a contact number. I just want to let you know that you write beautifully and your blog is just amazing.
Me: (blank for a few minutes: i can be slow like that sometimes) Um, thanks, may i know who’s speaking?
Female Voice: You don’t know me; My name is Angela and I was just going through your blog
Me:Wow…thank you, thank you so much. This is really an encouragement.

My Yahoo messenger just beeped and a mail from Angela just came in. I do not think it is a coincidence that her name is Angela…my pasto did mention during the New Year’s Eve Service that in 2007 we would experience the manifestation of angels in our lives.

Angela, yes your call was quite a shock; but it was also a pleasant reminder that little things faithfully done bring in unexpected rewards. Your call and your words indeed are a “word in season”. Thank you for enjoying my blog, and I pray that God will continually shine through you. God bless you and thank you much.

Reading Right Part 2

I was bathing and God was talking. When God told me that the story of my life for 2007 was based on ephesians1 v 11, I read the verse and thought about it. And I figured:

1. My future is God’s history: “…[ayo has] also obtained an inheritance. Everything that I intend to accomplish has already been accomplished. You know, it’s like a screenplay…what is happening on screen is what has happened on paper…a sort of deja vu thing…so that takes away every anxiety or fear.

2. There’s a blueprint: “…according to the plan of him…” we know every house that is set up always starts with a blueprint. There’s a design that goes through an approval stage before building even commences. And then the building follows the blueprint to the detail. Hence, the structure of my life is following an approved blueprint by him, the premiere creator.

3. The Godfather: “…who worketh all things in conformity…”: now this phrase trips me up and gives me a wide grin. See, here i am reminded of the “godfather” movie…you know how “he makes an offer they can’t refuse”? It’s comforting to know that I have a “godfather” who has the clout to ensure that his blueprint for my life “goes down any whichway”; irrespective of the opposition.

4. The will: “…the purpose of his will…” this is where i received my eureka moment. See i had been reading that like God was thinking good thoughts of me and wanted such great things for me. And that’s all true and wow. But even better is the realization that what he was actually telling me went beyond his good wishes or intentions for me. See, he had made his will – a legal document stating my right to his estate, what I should inherit and possess and begin to appropriate, in the event of his death. And since Jesus did die, that will, hence, is in effect. So I have an inheritance; not something I hope to acquire, or even beg for, but something that is rightfully, legally mine. And all I need to do is make a claim on the basis of the will. See, that changes everything because when I would have been wishing and hoping that god’s good plans for me should come to pass, I now simply make a claim on god’s will for me. That also changes the content of my prayers from “father, bless me…” to “father, thank you for blessing me…”. See, I’m no longer trying to get god do something for me, but I’m appropriating what he has done for me.

This is where I begin to do my song and dance…

Reading Right

This morning I got an Eureka moment. I have been mentally going over the theme scripture God gave me for my life this year 2007 when it hit me that i have been reading it wrong. Ephesians 1 verse 11. I had been reaing the last word of that verse wrong. I had taken the “Will” written there to mean “the wish or purpose as carried out, or to be carried out”. But God made me realise that word in a new light that threw an entirely different meaning to its relevance in my life this year.

Will: a legal declaration of a person’s wishes as to the disposition of his or her property or estate after death, usually written and signed by the testator and attested by witnesses.

I will be back to say more on how this new definition completely alters my perspective of God’s plan for me this year

God’s Specs

march 23, 2006 09:16

yesterday i was stumbling around in my bible and i finally stopped over at some chapter in the exodus. god was talking, and i started reading. i lost my concentration somewhere in the middle. i have not always been one for what i call cumbersome details…don’t get me wrong, i am a very meticulous person but sometimes i just want to go straight to the heart of the matter. and here god was going through a lot of what i considered absolutely specific. i mean, i do see the relevance of the details, i mean if you wanted to build a house you needed to know all the dimensions and structures to the last inch right, well god was doing exactly the same thing giving moses very specific instructions on building the ark…even down to the bread supposed to be on the table…hey y’all wanna know what i am talking about go check it out for yourself…i still havent gotten through reading it all up and i dont intend to start recapping for you….it starts at the 25th chapter and runs through to somewhere in the 31st chapter…anyway, this is where things got interesting for me…..just when i started getting bored of the whole specs that god was dishing out to moses, he started talking to me.

see, i am right in the middle of a most discombobulated month. i mean, i have felt so confused and lost and helpless and hopeless and sorry for myself because i just didn’t know anything like i expected to. i mean, everything that’s going on in my life right now is so not what god has spoken to me, and am wondering, what, where, why , how? i mean, dd i miss 60 minutes or what? so am thinking, maybe theres a mistake somewhere, maybe god missed out on something cos am so not liking the situation of my life right now, and he dont seem to be doing anything about it, he keeps telling me that i can never be disadvantaged, and all thing s work together for my good, and nothing will come at me that i can’t handle, and y’all thats all well and good and easy to believe when things are smooth and rosy, but when you dont know anything about whats happening in your life at the moment, believing gets a little harder. yes, i know thats what faith is all about, trusting god when you cant trace god, trusting his wisdom when you cant see his goodness, and am so trying to believe that god is really in control and is working this all out for my sake but at the same time am so concious of the fact that i absolutely hate this present station of my life, but hey, see thats actually what it is, you know, its a station of life, not my destination, so i dont have to stop, like god said to me much earlier, just keep on walking.

anyway, back to the exodus thing. god was talking to me and by the time he finished, as always, i was a lot wiser, and tougher to deal with my present discombobulation. see, the little things matter. god is interested in the details, if he could take so much time, and space to give out specs for building the ark of covenant, down to the inches, and even the color of the garments, wouldn’t he, didn’t he take so much time to work on the specs of my creation? and the 139 psalm confirmed that when it said that i was fearfully and wonderfully made. now thats an exciting thought. i mean, god plans out every details of anything he is building. even noahs ark, the specs were given down to the smallest inch. well, that causes a buble to rise in my constricted throat, because it means, am sure u see where i am going to now, it means that my entire life from beginning to eding has also bee so meticulously and painstakingly specified to the second. which means, there is nothing in my life that takes god by surprise, which means, every single day i live and breathe has been written in the volume of his book. which means he’s aware. he’s aware of this my present discombobulation. and hes not confused. he’s not trying to figure out how to get me out of this. because he already said that his plans for me are for good and not for evil. so if this present discombobulation in my life is written down in the volume of his book, then i can be ceratin of one thing….its for good and not for evil. so inspite of myself, i can hold my head tall, square my shoulders and life my chin in the face of the enemy and tell him…this too shall pass. am still an overcomer. more than a conqueror.always triumphant.

so even though i didnt get to fiish the specs of the covenant ark, i did get to understand that my life is also bult to spec…god’s specs….so i can trust him that tomoro is a better day. for this father, i am thankful. i am grateful. and i am blessed.

From My University Writing Archives


Now, she loves me. And I still love her much. But it was not always like that.

I had no reason to love her. She rejected me the first time. The second time. And a number of times after. I tried to talk to her and she wouldn’t talk back. She made me feel like a fool in front of her friends, and my friends, more than once. She yelled at me when I was nice to her. She accepted stuff I got for her but I never saw her use them. I wrote up pretty stuff for her and she tore them up right in my face, before my friend. I walked her all the way home and she told me with each step I took to buzz off. I told her I loved her, and she told me she didn’t even like me.

All that is different now though. She talks to me now, appreciates my presence and stuff. Calls me up on the phone and sends me text. Says nice things to me, and shows me off to her friends. Cries to me and tells me stuff she wont even tell her girlfriends. She loves me now.

She’s not my girlfriend. She’s told me she cannot be my girlfriend. She talks to me about other guys who are interested in her, and I listen and throw in a few suggestions, even though I’d be honored to have her as a girlfriend.

I don’t know why I do it. Once it got to me and I walked away from her. Once I was so lonely and wished for her company and she was not there. Once I tried to be nice to her and she was so cold and callous to me. And I asked God to throw in some light.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love cast out fear. (1 John 4:18)

Paraphrased, Perfect love is the kind of love that gives irrespective of whether it receives, because it believes.

I am glad I didn’t give up on her because now she loves me. I am glad I didn’t give up on her because now I understand John 3;16: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Now it’s more than just black ink on white paper. It’s more than just a famous recital from Sunday school. It’s more than just a scripture I can quote even in sleep. Now it’s my love story. Now it’s personal. You see, he didn’t have to do it. And he had every reason not to do it. When he decided to do it, he had every reason to throw in the towel and turn tail. To throw up his hands and quit. Why?

Isaiah puts it like this: He is despised and rejected of men. (Isa. 53:3)

John puts it like this: He came unto his own and his own received him not. (John 1:11)

Peter is more eloquent: Goddamnit! I never met the man before. I don’t fucking know him. (Matt.26:74)

And Judas crowns it: Jesus? He’s not worth much. How about thirty pieces of currency? (Matt. 26:15)

Even after over 2000 years, some of us say it like this:

Jesus, this is a core course, I’ve got to look into his paper.

Jesus, take a back seat, I’m curious about sex.

Jesus, life is much thrilling without you. Buzz off!

Help! Am Addicted!!!

I didn’t plan to be. I didn’t even give it too much tough. It was just a spice on the side. Then i discovered the first one, and the second and the third and then i went on a roll… there are actually Nigerian bloggers living in Lagos, Nigeria. Now am hooked, and i spend the better part of my office hours and my sleeping hours blog reading….God help me!

2007…The Story Begins

Happy New Year! Already. There’s so much to say, but there’s also so much more work to do. So am hoping i will be able to keep at this. 2006 was a learning curve, and am propped up with the lessons to do better in 2007. One thing God has told me for this year 2007 is Ephesians 1 v 11. It gives me a thrill to know, any which way, am on the side of a God who has the ability to ensure that ALL things conform to the purpose of his will for my life. And since Jeremiah 29v11 tells me he’s thinking good thought for me, i know i am covered.

2007 for my ministry is a Year of Supernatural Accomplishments. I can’t wait. The Success Story has just begun…