Dear Christian, Get Your Ass out of your Nose, Please?

I have known for a while now that I am highly opinionated and un-interested in being politically correct. So for the sensitive, religious mind reading this, you may read at your own risk. Or not.

When I wrote about the Ese Walter affair, I threw in a politically-incorrect analogy of salvation for shock effect. And as suspected, a few of my friends pinged/called to commend my article but request I take the analogy out. Strangers flat out attacked me – all to my amusement. Over 10 paragraphs of deep-rooted issue was discussed and some folks could only major on a one-liner. LOL.

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Marriage is work…


I have a couple of posts in my head. But while am recovering from malaria, I thought I would share this beautiful post with you guys. It reminds me of what the wife and I have been doing these past 8 months of marital life, and what we pray and plan to do for the rest of our lives.

I especially like the part that says marriage is a commitment to grow… its amazing how much my wife has grown since she said yes. And of course yours truly.

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