Words from Hers for Me

Yay. Talk about motivation for me to blog. 🙂

Erm… 6am ramble: You have written many original lines. They are just not on your blog yet. You are so about to burst forth and comfort someone with the comfort that God has comforted you with. Smell the roses. Then please tell everyone about them, and where to find them. Your write is not lost. You have not even begun.

I am getting random pictures in my head. (Am I asleep? *pinch* lol)

Once upon a time, a little boy noticed that his mother and siblings were thirsty. He was thirsty too, but was not thinking about it.

When he was wondering how he was going to get water for his family, he remembered his friend, an old man who dwelt by the river. The old man and the boy were friends. The boy knew that if he carried a cup and went to the old man, he would get water to give his family.

So off he went.

The old man already knew he was coming. He sat the boy down and told him that he must drink some water and eat some food before he takes some to his family. The scorching heat had tired him, and the distance was too long for his thin legs (sorry, the boy in my head really does have thin legs, lol). He sat and ate, and the whole time worried about his family. The old man told him not to worry. “Your mother and siblings will not die. The hope of your return will keep them alive.”

When the little boy was full, the old man gave him plenty of food and a large container of water to take to his family. “Make sure you bring them back here,” he said firmly to the boy.

Or something, lol. I will probably delete this when I discover how little sense it makes.