My Praise List

I may not understand all of what God is doing in my life. But there is enough proof that he loves me with an everlasting love…somewhere in Jeremiah (too lazy to look up the scripture. its 2.10am)

1. my biological dad rejected me. at age 7, i got an american dad. and we lived happily ever after. well, till december 2002. but his legacy lives on.
2. i would probably be one of these kids running around on the street if my mother was not brave enough to sell every nice thing she had to see me thru school when she was a single parent.
3. i would probably have had a horrific life if my biological dad had taken me into his family who thought a calabar woman wasn’t good enough for a yoruba man.
4. i am the first grandkid and was doted on by all my relatiives.
5. my parents always got me everything i asked for that they could afford.
6. i should have been kicked out of uni because i don’t have a local government certificate of origin. but i wasn’t. eventually.
7. i had an extra semester that i should not have passed because the lecturer was straight from hell.
8. i got a job a few weeks after i graduated from the university.
9. i got a house two weeks after i relocated to lagos right opposite where i work.
10. i have been away from my mom for too long. but God has been her comfort and her support.
11. in spite of the war zone that port harcourt city became recently, my mom has lived in peace and safety.
12. my mom doesn’t have a steady source of income and i have not been able to send her any money regularly, and she still hasn’t resorted to begging.
13. i was robbed of my 3yr old laptop, and a few weeks later my office bought me a brand new laptop.
14. i was approved a loan to pay off my rent last year october. other people were denied.
15. i am incommunicado with most of my friends because every body thinks am crazy to choose to work in church, but i have a bunch of blog friends who cheer me each day.
16. i spend about 20 of my 24hours in my office everyday, but i have the world at my fingertips.
17. i finally got my first promotion after 2 years of waiting in line.
18. i wanted more out of my promotion, but i got more than every one else in my office.
19. i have joined the DVD watching community finally.
20. i don’t have to spend so much money eating outside because i can take a walk across the road to my house and cook something.


I Still Believe…

“I still believe”
songwriter Jeremy Camp.

Me too, God, me too!

Thanks to y’all for your comments and support. I truly appreciate it all. In the midst of all tests, we are still more than conquerors.

Forgiving the Father

“Ever been in a place of forgiving God? A place where you know you were (are) mad at Him…and you run to your room like a child and scream into your pillow all the things you wish you could say out loud, but can’t. Ever needed a change of heart where you resolve to hold Him harmless and blameless for the things that have happened. You release the anger and make that decision to submit to His will, knowing that no court in the heavens or on Earth could ever find Him guilty of not Loving you, guilty of not acting in your best interest….guilty of planning harm for you…”

I am going to have to forgive Him soon, i know. Especially if Jer.29v11 is true. But He needs to know how mad I am. Because this is all His fault.

Venting…at the Blessing

This is the story behind “And God Said”. It wasn’t supposed to come out this way, but…

NOTICE: Original Post has been removed

For as long as this post was up, I felt a bit uncomfortable. There are things about this post that i am not very proud of. But i don’t want to pretend that the faith life is a catwalk for me. I have had reactions to God’s will that am not all proud of.

But until i am ready to put this post up, let’s just say i got a blessing that i don’t consider a blessing. But then i’m aware that i do have a blind spot…

Still, am not talking to God…

You Can Laugh at Me…it’s ok…

“Hey, someone needs to borrow your phone charger”, my co-worker said.

I normally don’t like to share things(sometimes, it happens when you grow up alone), and was just about to shake my head no, when she stepped in through the door.

Silently, i reached into my bag and handed it over.

i know, i am a sucker for girls. but God had a reason for creating eve, you know.

oh, my sister, my spouse, where art thou?

Practising His Presence

I know I owe you guys a story, and it’s coming in my next post. But right now, am inspired.

I have a colleague in the office. She is working alone on a project that should conventionally take at least a ten-man professional team a couple of years to complete. She has about average competency, and a timeline of a few months. She studies and programs. Day and night. And she pastors a church too.

Yet, every now and then, I see her bend ov er her laptop and she is parying in tongues. Just a handful of minutes. Then she’s back at the pc. And the next time i look, she’s praying again.

I am inspired and challenged.

I have not been able to do my regular prayer times because of our work habits. And i have used the excuse of crazy work hours. But she has more work load and a more tasking project.

I need to take a cue.Practising God’s presence isn’t about a steady time as much as it is about a conscious time. Christianity is not a religion; it is a relationship.

Point taken.