The Unexpected Thing That Happened When I Stopped Going to Church

My Comment: I could kiss you for this post. In fact I had to comment before I finished reading. A lot of Christians need to read this. I am one of those who believes in not forsaking the gathering of the brethren but I also know that sometimes church is more distracting for me. And I always get bullied when I opt out of Sunday services because many times its filled with lots of religious activities. And I want intimacy, romance, making love with the holy spirit. Many times I get to this point in personal fellowship. You are right about the lifestyle of constant conversation and hearing Gods voice. That is my definition of Christianity. But of course this is not something I would recommend for all. Very few of us can successfully balance this act of drawing closer to God while seemingly neglecting corporate fellowship. But you nailed it when you said a relationship with christ does not depend on church attendance. Thank you for letting me know am not alone.

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When God Gate-Crashes Your Pity Party

i have been standing god up.

aunty b recommended i pick up a pen and paper and have a conversation with god but i am not yet ready to have that conversation. i kind of still blame him and am giving him the silent treatment for his poor recruitment strategy. everybody knows you always pick the best of the bunch for the task; but not god, he insists on picking the glaringly inadequate and unqualified – like me.

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