2010: More Grace and More Glory

We were having our monthly staff prayer meetings when God said to me personally. Beginning this December, through 2010, my personal word is MORE GRACE AND MORE GLORY. My theme scripture for living through 2010 is Psalm 84:11.

In a few days we are going to host the world via internet and satellite streaming of our End-of-Year service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He is going to prophesy God’s word for us for 2010. Knowing God, i am certain that his prophecy will be somewhere very close to mine, if not exactly the same.

so much has happened to me in 2009. mostly growing pains. but i am thankful for one thing, that God is not through with me yet; that God didn’t quit on me; and in the silence of the Lamb, i learned that God talks to me.

more grace and glory. hmmm. i realize this is the big picture God is showing me. i also know there is the fine print to this prophecy – the cross before the crown. so am praying that through it all, i will continually learn to lean on God’s word.

someone reminded me recently that life is first of all spiritual. our lives are simply a reflection of the spiritual. so in 2010, i need to remain seated in my heavenly place.


Celebrating Good

Dear Colleague,

As 2009 draws to a close, we are excited to share some of W.TEC?s accomplishments over the year with you. In our 2nd year of operation, we were able to build-upon the work started in 2008 to educate, empower and connect girls and women through active engagement with information and communication technology (ICT).

– 15 girls attended the 2nd Girls Technology Camp and learnt to use computers and gained a broader knowledge of technology-related career options

– 97 women learnt to use technology for learning, leadership, and developing their careers through W.TEC programmes and workshops organised with partner organisations

– We published the 1st W.TEC magazine, which featured our activities in 2008 and explored the impact on our alumni. The magazine was widely distributed to programme beneficiaries, civil society organisations, media, government bodies and other stakeholders.

– We published an article in i4d: Information for Development journal highlighting strategies for teaching technology effectively

– W.TEC Executive Director, Oreoluwa Somolu, was awarded the Anita Borg Change Agent Award for her efforts in supporting women in computing

– UN-GAID (Global Alliance for ICT and Development) & Taking IT Global recognized W.TEC as a Best Practice in its publication on community transformation through ICT

– Plan International, a global body working to alleviate child poverty, profiled W.TEC in its 2009 Because I Am a Girl report as an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of girls

– We educated 417 people about ways to empower women and girls using information technology via our mailing lists and online group

We were able to achieve all these thanks to your assistance. I hope that you will consider supporting W.TEC in the New Year. Your financial and in-kind donations enable the Women?s Technology Empowerment Centre offer high-quality programming to Nigerian girls and women, as we build communities where women are able to use information technology successfully for learning, working and creating positive social change.

Whether you are able to give N5,000, N50,000 or N500,000, your gift is greatly appreciated and enables us to continue our work. All gifts will be recognized in our donor listings in our publications.

If you would like to discuss making a gift or donating in-kind goods or services to W.TEC, please contact Oreoluwa Somolu by calling 0803.621.1307 or by emailing ore.somolu@w-teconline.org.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year.


For: Women?s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC)

Oreoluwa Somolu
Executive Director
The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre – W.TEC
Suite 88, Block A-4 Sura Shopping Complex
Simpson Street, Lagos Island
Lagos, Nigeria

Tel: 01-850.9782, 0803.621.1307
Email: ore.somolu@w-teconline.org
Website: http://www.w-teconline.org