The Bad Guy Is Me

I know that sometimes i tag myself the victim. This evening i realized the bad guy was me, and i learned another lesson in love. Men and women are made of different hormones.

She said:
I don’t know that i can bring myself to trust you again. How could you be so insensitive, so naive? We just had a brown sugar moment, and the next thing you blurt out to me is that you asked your ex to come back to you. How is that supposed to make me feel?

This time, it was I who broke her heart. The bad guy is me. No wonder she’s asking for space.

I’m sorry. I was foolish. I need you. Please don’t go.


Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

NINA, my blog is BIASED. The stories are MY POINT OF VIEW. If you won’t like what you read, then do not read. I don’t think you are a bad person. I don’t intend to color you black. I also have not completely gotten over you yet. Allow me to vent. Please.

I am thinking:
If she withdraws from me, i will be lonely again and won’t have anyone to hang out and be together with.

She is thinking:
If i don’t withdraw from Ayo, i will fall in love with him, but he is still in love with his ex who doesn’t want him back, and i think i am still in love with my boyfriend, even though we may be estranged.

Now, i totally understand what Facebook meant by “Relationship status:It’s complicated”.Forgive me for the lack of back-story. My days have been so choked recently and i have not been able to pen down the many thoughts in my head. I hope to catch up with blogging soon enough.

The she above was my consolation after my break-up. We are great friends. We had a brown sugar moment. The lines are now blurred.

I am beginning to think i really suck at male-female relationships, so maybe i should just put up a brick wall.

Here We Go Again

Happy New Year my peeps. It’s been a mighty long moment since i blogged. All i can say right now is that it’s been the longest fight of my life. Somewhere in scriptures, we are advised to put on the full armor of God that we might be able to withstand and stand in the evil day. I should have taken that scripture a bit more seriously.

Well, it starts all over again. Last night Pastor Chris announced the prophecy for 2009 declaring it to be The Year of the Seven-fold Increase. So here’s to 2009.